Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's super strict rules at £30m home Royal Lodge

Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson still live together at Royal Lodge in Windsor, and they have recently welcomed the late Queen's beloved corgis into their home.

Despite having lived there since 2004, Andrew cannot do as he pleases with the Grade II listed home and he has a strict set of rules he has to follow.

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The royal leases the home from the Crown Estate, and this agreement was established with a £1million one-off payment. Under the terms of the unique contract, Andrew is under strict instructions about what he can and cannot do to the house.

A report published in 2005 states that the agreement "requires that the character of the property be maintained as a Royal Park and forest".

royal lodge exterior
royal lodge exterior

Royal Lodge is set within Windsor Great Park 

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The contract also requires the Prince to be responsible for the refurbishment costs in order to restore and upkeep the historical building. A detailed report on the lease cites the investment by Andrew as being £5million initially and £7.2million in the following two years after moving in.

Because of the building's listed status, Andrew and Co. will have to obtain permission to alter any part of the building to check the changes are sympathetic to the history of the home.

sarah ferguson in conservatory at home
sarah ferguson in conservatory at home

Sarah Ferguson lives with her ex-husband 

Should Prince Andrew ever break the lease, the property would revert back to the Crown Estate.

Royal Lodge is set within 21 acres of secluded gardens, making it totally idyllic and worthy of a postcard. We can see why Prince Andrew's daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie celebrated their weddings at the grand home.

Giving interesting insights into the unique home, Sarah Ferguson shares regular YouTube videos on her Fergie and Friends channel, reading children's books with various vibrant set-ups behind her.

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The royal has filmed inside her cosy lounge at Christmas time, inside the family's spacious conservatory and even outside in their sprawling garden. It's pretty spectacular!

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