Prince Albert’s son Alexandre Grimaldi reveals advice he received from Naomi Campbell

Prince Albert’s son Alexandre Grimaldi reveals advice he received from Naomi Campbell

Alexandre Grimaldi, son of Prince Albert, has opened up about his relationship with Naomi Campbell and the candid advice she impressed upon him.

In his first solo interview, the 20-year-old Monegasque ambassador sat down with Tatler, where he discussed the realities of his parents’ nonmarital relationship and his all-consuming passion for fashion. The feature, published on 25 October, tells the story of the aspiring businessman, his intentions to eventually expand opportunity in Monaco, and his present desire to experience a life in Manhattan.

Moving between boroughs for brands like Chanel and Tommy Hilfiger, Grimaldi kicked off his fashion month schedule in New York. Amid the chaos, the young royal explained he was able to catch up with an old acquaintance – Campbell, the international supermodel who was romantically involved with his father during the 1990s. Accepting an invitation from Umar Kamani, the founder of Pretty Little Thing, for Campbell’s collaboration debut at the Cipriani meant Grimaldi could finally meet her for the first time.

“It was great to meet her. She was really open and kind of embraced me as like… a nephew,” Grimaldi confessed.

More than that, Campbell acted as a momentary mentor for him when she gave him one particular piece of advice. “She gave me a bit of advice: just to be careful with anyone looking after me, especially since I’m coming out to the public,” he said.

Campbell isn’t the only industry leader Grimaldi has been acquainted with through his prominent father. The style creative attended the Tommy Hilfiger brunch in Tribeca with the founder himself, a longtime friend of Prince Albert.

Of his father’s relationship with Hilfiger, Grimaldi mentioned: “He’s quite friendly with my dad. They watched the Grand Prix in Monaco together about 20 years ago.”

The effect of Grimaldi’s opulent background lent a hand to the affection Grimaldi has for luxury fashion brands, especially the French ones – Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Givenchy. “I relate to elegance,” he proclaimed. “There’s a cultural connection which I admire.”

As for the royal’s icons, Grimaldi looks to A$AP Rocky and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, the Canadian basketball player.

Prince Albert shares Grimaldi with Nicole Coste. The two dated before the Prince of Monaco married Princess Charlene in 2011. Coste met Prince Albert on a flight in 1997 when she was working as a flight attendant. The pair were supposedly together for five years before the public became aware of their son.

Of the circumstances around his birth, Grimaldi said: “Neither of my parents were married and neither committed adultery … My father claimed me voluntarily when I was a baby, not because a judge or the press forced him to.”