'Harlem' Season 2 helped Meagan Good feel empowered about her feelings on motherhood

The Prime Video show combats the "taboo" subject of some women not wanting to have children

In another explosive finale from Tracy Oliver, Prime Video's Harlem Season 2 concludes with a nerve-racking cliffhanger, in addition to the romance between Meagan Good and Tyler Lepley's characters, Camille and Ian, seemingly coming to an end.

In Season 2 of Harlem, Camille (Good) gets back together with Ian (Lepley) after they kissed the night before his wedding to Mira (Rana Roy). While this may have seemed like it was their second chance at true love, there's one roadblock that's a massive nonnegotiable for each of them.

Camille finds out she can't have kids, but Ian feels strongly about being a father. Specifically, in one of the final moments of the season, Camille says she felt "relief" when she was told she wouldn't be able to have children.

Harlem has been celebrated for the very real, honest and authentic portrayal of it's core group of women, which includes Jerrie Johnson as Tye, Grace Byers as Quinn and Shoniqua Shandai as Angie, and that's incredibly evident in the way the show doesn't shy away from the conversation that not all women want to have children.

“I feel like oftentimes it is depicted as very simple. You have a mom, you'd have a great relationship or a complicated relationship, you want to be a mother or you're thinking about it,” Good told Yahoo Canada. “They very rarely showcase what it’s like if you are not sure you want to be a mother at all, or if you just don't, and that's just not your goal in life.”

“We all deserve to feel how we feel, to live the lives that we want to live, to pursue our individual purposes and to feel fulfilled as human beings. That journey looks different for everybody. So being able to just have honest conversations and take away the taboo-ness of, say someone doesn't want to have a kid, well what's wrong with them? Did something happen in their childhood? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe that's just not what they want.”

Meagan Good and Tyler Lepley in Harlem Season 2 (Emily V Aragones/Prime Video)
Meagan Good and Tyler Lepley in Harlem Season 2 (Emily V Aragones/Prime Video)

'Harlem' confirming Meagan Good's desire for motherhood

For Good, stepping into the shoes of Camille helped her confirm to herself that she wants to be a mother.

“For me, that was very empowering. ... I already knew that I wanted to have kids, but I think actually exploring some of that on the show kind of confirmed it for me,” Good revealed.

“There was a time where I was like, I don't know, is this just what I think I'm supposed to do? Is it what I really want to do? And I'm not supposed to say that out loud. But I don't care. I'm going to be myself. If that makes someone else feel uncomfortable, I'm very sorry for you. It's my life, not yours. But now, I definitely do [want to have kids]."

Jerrie Johnson and Rachel True in Harlem Season 2 (Emily V Aragones/Prime Video)
Jerrie Johnson and Rachel True in Harlem Season 2 (Emily V Aragones/Prime Video)

How Tracy Oliver constructs a great cliffhanger

Motherhood is still anticipated to be a point of conversation in Harlem if the show continues, with the series ending with the tease that one person in this main group of women is pregnant, and we don't know who yet.

It's evident that the show's creator Tracy Oliver is the absolute queen of cliffhangers because much like the end of Season 1, we're dying to find out what happens next.

When asked how she creates these shocking finales, Oliver explained that the end is always planned, it's how she gets there that shifts and adjusts.

“I always try to go to the end first and I don't know how we're going to get there,” Oliver said. “In Season 1, I knew we were going to do what we did, which was have her show up at the wedding and break it up. I didn’t know the journey just yet.”

“Season 2 is the same. … We're going to end on this cliffhanger and oh my God, how are we going to get there? What is the season going to be about? But it's a lot easier when you're going to kind of backtrack.”

Oliver also stressed that this is a great way to collaborate with her fellow writers on the show.

“The beauty of a writers room is that the journey to getting there is where people can pitch all kinds of fun stories that can get us to that ending," she said. "I'm always open on the how, but I know where I'm going to end.”

All we can do at this point is just hope for a Season 3 for the Prime Video show Harlem, to uncover the truth behind this mysterious pregnancy.