Primark just released a £8 dupe of this cult Bottega Veneta pouch

Nathalie Owen
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Photo credit: Christian Vierig - Getty Images
Photo credit: Christian Vierig - Getty Images

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Every few seasons there seems to be one cult 'It'-bag so lust-worthy that it just won't quit, until it becomes a mainstay that only increases in value.

We've had it with Celine's now iconic Luggage tote and Chloé's Nile mini and now it seems Bottega Veneta is having its moment. Or should I say moments?

Ever since the Italian fashion house was taken over by creative director Daniel Lee, its luxe leather accessories have become a must-have on every fashion girl's hit list.

But it's the brand's SS'20 The Chain Pouch that has truly become the bag of the season. Just ask Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Hailey Bieber or Kylie Jenner who have all been spotted wearing various shades of the calfskin clutch.

For us mere mortals however, getting your hands on this bad boy will cost you a pretty penny. £2,645 to be exact, which is pretty much four months rent.

Lucky for us, Primark has come through with an affordable dupe and it's... wait for it, only £8. I repeat £8!

The retailer's version of the pouch comes in black and brown and looks so much like the real thing that your friends will likely be asking to borrow it on their next night out.

While you can't shop the bag online, we'd advise hitting the shops early to ensure you snag one while they're still in stock, because we have a feeling this baby will sell out quick.

If we haven't convinced you already, we've rounded up a few of our favourite celebs rocking the gold and leather accessory:

Our forever muse Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a 'New Bottega Veneta' convert and has this clutch on heavy rotation in her wardrobe:

Of course the Kylie Cosmetics founder has this baby in her enviable collection of designer purses:

Hailey Bieber has both the black and white versions of the pouch:

It's not just celebrities who are obsessed with the cult clutch, influencers have been going wild over the accessory:

So there you have it, new Bottega-inspired piece at one heck of a high street price. If that’s not Christmas wrapped up in one giant-sized fashion bow, then we don’t know what is. Happy shopping!

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