Pride penguins: Wales' only gay penguins celebrate Pride month

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Joann Randles/Cover Images

Meet madly in love Macaroni penguins Frankie and Vinnie from Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo in Pembrokeshire.

The adorable gay couple became official after their strong friendship blossomed into a relationship.

Penguin Keeper Caroline Davies explained, "Like all great romances, they started off as friends, and they kind of got a little bit closer, a little bit closer, and now they are an absolute amazing couple together... We kind of knew they were a proper couple because they were allopreening and that basically is penguin kissing."

Vinnie is the toy boy in the relationship at the age of 6, while Vinnie is 12, and they thoroughly enjoy beach walks in their enclosure.

In the future, the zookeepers would love to see Frankie and Vinnie adopt an egg so that they can raise a chick as their own.

Folly Farm's Penguin Coast is now the only place in the UK where visitors can see Macaroni penguins.

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