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9 best-smelling perfumes with bottles so pretty they basically double as home decor

When it comes to perfume, the actual scent is important. But, like, I just really, really enjoy surrounding myself with pretty things — which is why shopping for perfume bottles is one of my favorite things to do. Besides doomscrolling, but that’s neither here nor there.

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So many fun and unique fragrances can double as home decor without ruining the scent. And think about how creative you can get with designing your little collection of pretty perfume bottles on your dresser, bathroom vanity or even out in the living room. It’s also so fun to get a “you smell really, really good” and a “that perfume bottle looks great in your room” at the same time.

Peep below for a list of some of my favorite pretty perfume bottles that will blend right in with any home decor vibe but still actually smell good.

Featuring the signature Valentino studs, this perfume bottle can be a focal point in any room. As far as the fragrance itself, it's a healthy mix of floral with a bit of woodsy edge.

$130 at Sephora

Obviously, the REPLICA perfume bottles are part of the brand's appeal. However, I'm an even bigger fan of the delicate mini coffret perfume bottles. Featuring cult-favorite REPLICA perfumes like Beach Walk (my absolute favorite), Jazz Club, Lazy Sunday Morning, By the Fireplace and Bubble Bath, the value is unreal.

$75 at Sephora

The Gucci Flora bottle is as cheerful and Bridgerton-y as the fragrance itself. With notes of pear blossom, white gardenia and patchouli, you're basically ready to be out in society. But, like, without the women-as-property bit.

$133 at Sephora

If purple as both a color and a general vibe is more your thing, then Gucci also made a deep berry Flora fragrance.

$133 at Sephora

For good measure, I'm adding this gorgeous green bottle of the Gucci Flora parfum, with key notes of jasmine and sandalwood. You know, if you want to collect them all a la Ash Ketchum.

$133 at Sephora

This modern and simple Jo Malone bottle is perfect if you've curated a perfectly chic and minimal aesthetic. But the big sphere on top adds the perfect touch of spice to a playful spring scent.

$112 at Sephora

While the CHANEL No. 5 bottle is fun and all, it doesn't come close to the absolute perfection that is the round CHANEL CHANCE bottle. I mean, I can basically smell the fresh and fruity floral scent from just looking at the picture.

$110 at Sephora

OK, is there anything more iconic in the perfume world than the actual daisy on top of the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume? I think not!

$101 at Sephora

If you haven't smelled even a whiff of the Fenty perfume, I'm sorry to tell you that your life is utterly boring. With notes of magnolia, musk and blueberry (yes, blueberry), it's an unreal spicy and sensual scent. Obviously, the sleek amber bottle is the perfect vessel for it.

$140 at Sephora

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