The Only Pretty Lingerie Trend I'll Be Buying This Year

Hannah Almassi
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Many a fashion or beauty journalist has talked of "little luxuries" in the past but said treats have, perhaps, never been quite as vital to us as they have over the past year. It's often the small things that matter these days, and when it comes to lifting our moods when getting ready each morning, there are a few particular items that help: A new perfume can be ritualistic and special, a secondhand item that hits a new trend might prove to be the exciting wardrobe trophy you've been looking for, and putting on underwear that fits perfectly and feels lovely can be the ultimate confidence booster. It may only be visible to you, but being considered in regards to what you're wearing under whichever outfit has become your current uniform does provide a certain amount of self-congratulatory back-patting. It may seem pointless to buy a fancy new dress or pair of heels right now, but decent lingerie? Well, that's never out of fashion. And this may be a sweeping statement, but I'm convinced that no one has ever felt their best when they're wearing old, holey, and worn-out undies.

So maybe, like me, you've paused on snapping up more trend-led items and doubled down on the essentials. A decent loungewear look, some cosy PJs, a warm puffer coat, and—of course—flattering, stylish bras and knickers. I've already got the basics (like a nude, white, and black T-shirt bra, for example), so I've been branching out into more colourful lingerie, and it appears I'm not the only one. When I spoke to Tanya Robertson, founder of Womanhood (aka the coolest, most progressive, and inspiring online store to buy your undies from these days), she confirmed it: "We have seen an 85% percent increase in our customers buying colourful lingerie since the first lockdown," she says. "With your underwear drawer the first place you go to get dressed every morning, it’s no wonder that during these difficult times women are opting for colourful underwear to brighten up their day. Coined ‘dopamine dressing,’ it has been proved that colourful items of clothing increase happiness." With one particular style—a red lace set called Bonnie from New Zealand brand Lonely—proving to be particularly popular, it's the first time Womanhood has had such a long wait list.

Lonely isn't the only indie lingerie label leaning into this look. I've noticed vibrant styles at some of my other favourites: Beija has just introduced a hot-pink mesh that's incredible (yes—I bought it), Dora Larsen has the cutest candy hues with contrast trims, and Fruity Booty has the coolest orange checked set if you're keen to get something really unique. There are certain shades I'm noticing more than others, so below, I've divided the shopping options up into each colourful lingerie trend you can buy right now. Enjoy!


Beija London Caught Up Z Bra in Fuchsia (£65)

Beija London Caught Up Deep Brief in Fuchsia (£28)

Araks Beatrice Silk-Blend Chiffon and Satin Bra (£75)

Araks Aaron Silk-Blend Chiffon and Satin Briefs (£55)


Les Girls Les Boys Ultimate Comfort Soft Bra in Myrtle (£38)

Les Girls Les Boys Ultimate Comfort High Waist Brief in Myrtle (£25)

& Other Stories Plissé Pleated Soft Bra (£39)

& Other Stories Frill Edge Mini Brief in Dark Green (£15)


Fruity Booty Clementine Bra (£36)

Fruity Booty Clementine Brief (£18)

I.D. Sarrieri Euphoria Satin-Trimmed Embroidered Tulle Underwired Balconette Bra (£202)

I.D. Sarrieri Satin-Trimmed Embroidered Tulle and Stretch-Mesh Briefs (£105)


Dora Larsen Lily Lace and Stretch Satin-Trimmed Jersey Underwired Bra (£56)

Dora Larsen Lily Lace and Stretch Satin-Trimmed Jersey Briefs (£32)

Baserange Mississippi Bra (£45)

Baserange Enna Thong (£20)


COS Textured Bra (£39)

COS Satin Briefs (£35)

Lonely Bonnie Underwire Bra in Red (£55)

Lonely Bonnie Brief in Red (£32)


Chantelle Champs Elysées Embroidered Tulle Underwired Balconette Bra (£68)

Chantelle Champs Elysées Embroidered Tulle Briefs (£39)

Weekday Liz Bra (£16)

Weekday Liz Briefs (£8)


Monki Triangle Lace Bra (£15)

Skin Set of Two Organic Pima Cotton-Jersey Briefs (£50)

M&S Collection Full Cup Bra (£11)

M&S Collection Cotton & Lace High Rise Shorts (£8)

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