Pret has launched a new vegan Christmas sandwich

Jess Edwards
Photo credit: Pret A Manger

From Cosmopolitan UK

Pret A Manger is one of our go-to lunch options for veggie food, (well, TBH, any food), and every year we look forward to the brand's Christmas sandwiches hitting the shelves.

And this year, the high street chain has finally added a new character to its Christmas sandwich menu - its first ever vegan offering - which is in stores with the rest of the Christmas sandwiches from today.

The delicious-looking meal has been dubbed the Very Merry Christmas Lunch sandwich and is pretty packed with festive ingredients.

"Our vegan stuffing has all the flavours of Christmas and goes particularly well with the grilled carrots, baby spinach and crispy onions in this sandwich", Pret explain on their website. "Caramelised pecans and port & orange cranberry sauce give a final festive flourish."

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Veggie fans can rejoice that Pret's yummy Veggie Christmas lunch is back, with roasted butternut squash, nutty Christmas pesto and rocket, served with yoghurt & mayo dressing.

And for meat fans, Pret's turkey, stuffing with orange cranberry sauce combination should do the trick for just about every lunch from now until the 22nd December.

With every Pret sandwich you buy, 50p will be donated to the Pret Foundation Trust to help the homeless.

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