'He's been the biggest joke in world history': Reactions to U.S. President Trump's impeachment

Elisabetta Bianchini

In a historic vote, U.S. President Donald Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives on Wednesday evening.

The two articles of impeachment that were approved were abuse of power and obstructing Congress, following Trump’s interaction with Ukraine to investigate Democratic rivals ahead of the 2020 election.

Yahoo Canada asked its readers shortly after the news broke for their thoughts on the impeachment decision. The majority of responses, 64 per cent at the time of publishing, indicate support for the decision from the U.S. House and hope that Trump ends up leaving office before the end of his term.

“He's been the biggest joke in world history....the most blatantly corrupt & self enriching Con Man in history,” one reader wrote in the comments.

“Donald Trump has been the most divisive, self-serving president ever. He deserves impeachment just because of his hatred toward anyone disagreeing with him, let alone the impeachment articles presented,” another commenter wrote.

“I want him to [apologize] to All women and the Nation, for saying Grab them by the P____. Then I can forgive him and wish him well,” a third Yahoo Canada reader wrote.

People around the world continue to take to social media to share their thoughts on the impeachment news.

What happens now?

The next step in the impeachment process is for the Senate to hold a trial to determine whether the U.S. president is guilty of the two articles of impeachment and is required to leave office.

With Republicans holding the majority in the Senate, many believe that Trump will finish out his term as president.

"This thing will come to the Senate, and it will die quickly, and I will do everything I can to make it die quickly," Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham said to CNN on Saturday.

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said she is waiting for a trial schedule from the Senate before sending the impeachment articles through.

“We will make our decision as to when we are going to send it when we see what they are doing on the Senate side,” Pelosi said. “So far, we have not seen anything that looks fair to us.”

Trump responded to Pelosi’s actions, calling the decision a “phony impeachment hoax.”