Prepare to Be Starry-Eyed: This Celestial-Themed Wedding Is a Dream Come True

Lauren Harano

If you've always dreamed of having a elegant, glamorous, and out-of-this-world-beautiful wedding, a celestial theme is sure to leave you and your guests starry-eyed. Photographer Taylor Anne Neel decided to make the enchanting theme come to life by staging a wedding shoot complete with a gorgeous couple, four-layer wedding cake with a moon on top, and so many more intricate details that made the shoot a dream come true.

Set at a rustic venue in Spicewood, TX, couple Hannah and Kyle portrayed an ethereal romance that many have only wished upon a star for. Hannah wore a long backless gown that featured eye-catching sparkly accents, while Kyle sported a sleek navy blue suit with an intricate gold tie. From the gorgeous stone that was placed in the middle of the bouquet to capture the essence of a full moon to the starry blue china seen among the tablescape, every detail of the shoot was thoughtful and on-theme. Keep reading to see the dreamy decor, captivating love, and charming details that made this wedding shoot a celestial wonder - it just might leave you starstruck.


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