Prepare to become obsessed with the Instagram account dedicated to removing ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs
Introducing your next Instagram obsession [Photo: Getty]

Hands up, who else has lost count of the time they’ve devoured browsing through every extraction Dr Pimple Popper has shared on her Instagram page? Even if we have to peep through our hands when it all gets a little gory…

Well, let us introduce you to your next guilty pleasure. Meet, the Tweezist.

Each and every video documents the frustrating journey of extracting ingrown hairs from beneath the tough layer of skin above. And trust us when we say that they are by far the most satisfying clips we have ever witnessed.

Need further proof? The Instagram account has already garnered over 100,000 followers.

The mastermind behind the viral videos, who prefers not to be named, told the Metro: “Now I know so many people suffering from ingrown hairs like me. Lots of tweezers disappointed me, so I try to find the world’s best tweezer master and introduce good tweezers to around the world…”

And each clip features everything from her underarm hair to pesky leg fuzz. Though she sometimes borrows her friend’s beard for a male perspective…

But before you excitedly dig into your makeup bag for your own very set of tweezers, make sure to take note of the Tweezist’s advice.

She told the Metro, “Sanitise before and after plucking. Wipe tools with rubbing alcohol as much as you can.”

Bid farewell to the rest of your afternoon.

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