Premier League Strikers Reveal Why They Don't Lift Weights

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Why Premier League Strikers Don't Lift Weights

The Premier League is awash with six-pack abs and undulating biceps. To build all that muscle, the players must spend a lot of time pumping iron, right? Wrong, according to Newcastle and West Ham United strikers, Callum Wilson and Michail Antonio.

Speaking on their podcast, The Footballer's Football Podcast, the pair revealed how they don't lift weights, and, according to Wilson, "the guns are ... just natural."

"For a footballer, you don't want to carry around that extra muscle, so I'm like do I need to do bench press? No, not really," Wilson explained on the podcast. "What difference is it going to make? You have natural strength anyway I feel, so I stay away from weights in the gym, believe it or not."

Antonio went on to explain how his decision to avoid the weights room is also due to his age, with the West Ham man preferring to stick to bodyweight exercises in order to maintain his fearsome pace.

"If I even look at weights I put on weight straight away and I bulk up instantly. If I'm going to do anything it'll be core or bodyweight stuff, so I don't put anything on. If I go in the gym and I put on weight, I'm going to get slower and stuff like that, and as I'm getting older I don't really want to lose my pace."

When we spoke to Antonio last year, he also demonstrated his proclivity for bodyweight exercises. The 32 year old showed us a favoured full-body bodyweight workout of his, which consisted of commando planks, side planks, single-leg RDLs, jump split squats and clapping press-ups.

So while the body you see bullying defenders weekly is "all genetics" there's a lot of heard work that goes into it too.

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