Pregnant woman on TikTok shows how she can make her bump drop 'on demand'

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If you've been on PregnancyTok at all as of late (which you totally should because it is *wild*), then you'll likely have seen that viral video of a mum-t0-be who caught the moment her bump dropped on video. But while the entirety of the internet lost their minds over the clip (including us), one pregnant woman discovered she'd been able to make her own bump drop all along.

Taking to TikTok, the mum-to-be (who goes by the username @variableminerva) responded to a follower's comment which read: "I've never seen a belly move so much while breathing. That's interesting to see but looks incredibly painful to you."

Speaking to her followers, the pregnant woman replied, "I had to do a demo here, because baby bumps are a little weird." She went on to point out that the viral bump drop clip "kinda confused" her, given that she's able to make her bump drop on demand.

"Did you guys see my bump drop?" she asks, adding that bumps "go up and down" all the time and that they are "very muscly". Clenching her stomach, the mum-to-be said, "I can bring it up and then relax and it drops." She continued on to say that there's "no movement" to the bump in comparison to how her non-pregnant belly "jiggles", and added a comment explaining that she's: "Just isolating a muscle group and flexing."

In the comments section, fellow mums-to-be and confused TikTokers alike shared their response to her, err, unique party trick. "Why are you out here doing bump reps? I used mine as an excuse to lay around," said one person, with someone else commenting: "I was never able to do that - EVER."

A third person questioned whether all pregnant people have this ability, saying: "I’ve been pregnant twice and have been around a lot of pregnant people I think that's just you girl. Lol not in a bad way. I think you have strong muscles."

Elsewhere, another follower wrote, "This is true. Some days my coworkers constantly say my baby bump is high, hasn't dropped. Next day I'll be hanging low lol, then back up again."

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