Pregnant Louise Thompson on being rushed to hospital after coughing up blood

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Made In Chelsea star Louise Thompson, who's expecting her first child in November, hasn't had an easy pregnancy by any means. And now, she's revealed she was rushed to hospital in a scary incident after coughing up blood.

Louise has documented her difficult pregnancy on social media, where she's spoken candidly with followers about struggling with hair loss, nose bleeds and feeling unwell. Because of an autoimmune condition, she's categorised as 'high risk' and has more frequent scans as a result.

In an interview with MailOnline, Louise has opened up about being fearful of not delivering a healthy baby after experiencing a miscarriage earlier this year, and feeling "guilty" about how hard she's finding pregnancy.

"Everyone's experience is different, some people find it a doddle and they feel guilty for saying how easy they found it but I almost feel guilty saying how hard I find it because there are people that can't get pregnant in the first place," she said.

Louise went on to reveal she's recently been hospitalised because she was coughing up blood, sparking fears of a potential blood clot.

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"There have been a number of scans and I was quite unwell about three weeks ago. I had to go to Chelsea and Westminster hospital because I was coughing up blood," she said.

"I had to have scans because they were worried I had a blood clot. The chance of getting a blood clot in pregnancy is a lot higher than not in pregnancy, and I have an autoimmune condition as well. I spent 24 hours there and everything came back fine but because of my condition I'm in a high risk category," she added.

As Louise said, her tests thankfully came back clear, and she's feeling more positive now she's into the third trimester of her pregnancy.

"The good news is I am about six and a half months now. I shouldn't even think about this but I am someone that knows all the stats, babies can be delivered prematurely so, I feel like I'm in a really comfortable place now," she said.

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It's brilliant to hear Louise is now in a better place, and lovely to see her posting celebratory snaps on Instagram to mark her partner Ryan Libbey's birthday.

"Celebrating you today and everyday. A good man is hard to find, but I got incredibly lucky 馃崁. You are the best partner in crime and will be the best father too - I can鈥檛 wait for the year ahead and all the exciting things to come," Louise wrote alongside a snap of herself and Ryan at the beach.

We're sending our well wishes to Louise and as always, recognising how important it is that she's speaking out about her pregnancy challenges and fears. Pregnancy can be a scary time, and vocalising our worries with people we trust is so important - let's hope Louise and other celebrities opening up about their pregnancies will encourage more women to do the same.

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