It's So Predictable, But I Love Loungewear in This Colour

Elinor Block

I have a lot of grey loungewear pieces on rotation, and right now that's very much needed. Yes, it's highly predictable, but I love grey loungewear. I've got a theory about why it's such a beloved colour for comfy clothing: It's a soft hue, so it seems more relaxing, but it's more sophisticated than a pastel pink, blue or yellow. Seeing as we're not exactly going anywhere anytime soon and will still be spending a decent amount of time at home, it's the perfect balance between comfy and smart. It stops you from looking like you haven't cared about what you've put on for the day, but if you "accidentally" fall asleep in it watching Netflix, it's not a problem. Below, I've created an edit of the coolest pieces of loungewear in grey. While you can definitely wear some of these pieces as co-ords à la Alexis Foreman, I'm also a fan of mixing up the different shades. Keep scrolling for the full edit.

Ace & Prince Sweatpants (£40)

The Row Diea Grey Cotton and Cashmere-Blend Sweatshirt (£1320)