We Predict What Happened To The Characters In Four Weddings & A Funeral

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It's been 25 years since Richard Curtis' Four Weddings & A Funeral – the film that launched Hugh Grant, was indirectly responsible for Liz Hurley's Versace safety pin dress, is 23rd on the BFI's 100 greatest British films list and a firm favourite in the nation's "films I like to watch when I'm hungover" category.

Now, it has been announced that the cast will reunite for Red Nose Day next year and star in a new short film written by Richard Curtis himself.

Will the years have been kind to Charles (Grant) and Carrie (Andie MacDowell) who, last we saw, were kissing in the rain after Carrie uttered the single most annoying line in movie history?

What too will have become of the elegant Fiona (Kristin Scott Thomas) and her inexplicable and unrequited love for Charles? And poor Duckface. What did happen after Charles left her weeping at the altar?

Charlotte Coleman, who played Charles' hapless flatmate Scarlett, sadly passed away in 2001 so won't be around for the reunion – but fingers crossed things ended up marvellously with Scarlett's American love Chester.

And finally, who could forget Rowan Atkinson's Father Gerald; him of the nervous disposition and the fubbing of words. Did he ever manage a successful church service? Or was every subsequent wedding and funeral littered with mentions of the "holy goat"?

Ahead, we take a look back over the past 25 years to see how the cast of Four Weddings... have been getting on.


Duckface (Henrietta to her real friends) spent several years in therapy overcoming the shame and hurt of being ditched on the day of her wedding for an American woman who, the only time she and Duckface met, inexplicably launched into an unprompted anecdote about the 33 men she had slept with. It was the American woman's "party bit" a friend later explained when Carrie had finally finished and departed, leaving the listeners confusedly shaking their heads about wtf just happened.

Luckily, therapy worked marvellously for Duckface and, after a series of meetings suggested by her therapist with Scarlett, Fiona and Matthew for "closure", she eventually replaced Charles in the friendship group when they admitted they weren't really sure why they called her Duckface to begin with and that "Charles was really, kind of a knob".

Henrietta lives in Sussex and is married to a lawyer with whom she has two grown-up children.

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Stung by the betrayal of Carrie after she left him for a ski instructor she met on their honeymoon in Val d'Isère, Charles then entered what his friends called "The Dark Years" which saw the once-eligible bachelor attempt unsuccessfully to woo a string of ex-girlfriends, prompting a flurry of earnest and somewhat smug phone calls to Scarlett to express concern that Charles "wasn't handling things well".

A chance meeting with Duckface 10 years later brought about a breakthrough, however, after she explained to Charles that it wasn't his ex-girlfriends who were unhinged, it was his general shitty behaviour and attitude towards women that was the problem. Horrified to realise how wrong he'd been, Charles became an early adopter of new-wave feminism, even starting a support group of male allies to help educate the community on gender discrimination.

In 2013, he went viral after a video of him berating Prince Andrew for his use of the word "dear" surfaced at an awards do. Sadly, the whole thing turned out to be staged when it was revealed that Prince Andrew was in fact entertaining at Balmoral on the evening in question. The subsequent Twitter fallout from the feminist community was widespread and relentless, even earning the hideously ashamed Charles a namecheck in season three of Girls.

Charles was last seen turning the Christmas lights on in his home town of Chipping Campden, where he lives alone with his dog Fenton.

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When it became apparent that Charles wasn't willing to rack up an embarrassing amount of credit card debt to keep her in Chanel, Carrie had to leave him – and the ski instructor did have a particularly alluring smile.

Later that season, Carrie dropped the ski instructor and moved to Ibiza with a very wealthy DJ who had made millions out of illegal raves. After that there was a Saudi prince, a Swiss watchmaking heir, a famous Shakespearean actor and, once, even a footballer.

At last count, her now infamous story about her numerous sexual encounters had reached 92 men (and three women) and took over an hour to tell. In 2010, it was mentioned in passing to an agent at Penguin, who promptly turned it into a book, selling the film rights to Warner Bros for an exorbitant fee.

The film was expected to win Oscars but sadly, turned out to be a flop. Critics unanimously blamed the failure on Carrie's "bizarre" insistence on playing herself and the parts of all her lovers.

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Drunk Charles' attempt to try and woo her over a cheap bottle of Spanish wine and the subsequent unfortunate sexual encounter (he tried his best, he really did) gave Fiona the closure she needed to finally put Charles out of her mind.

Instead, she turned her attention to her small but burgeoning fashion enterprise that specialised in clean lines and classic cuts – a welcome relief to careerwomen everywhere struggling to find chic work and occasion wear as the '90s wore on and the Spice Girls took glitter, bodycon and platform shoes mainstream.

These days, she's worth approximately £125 million and is one of the richest self-made women in Britain, having successfully ridden out the Dot Com boom, and expertly navigated the recession before scaling her company to become a global multi-platform high fashion destination. She married her 10-years-younger assistant Marcel who is a marvellous chef and stay-at-home father to their three beautiful children.

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Father Gerald

After a kindly parishioner left Father Gerald a substantial amount of money in her will for him to seek public speaking lessons (the "father, son and holy toast" incident at her granddaughter's wedding was the last straw), Father Gerald flew to LA for the best speech coaching money can buy. He experienced great success and immersed himself in the motivational speaker circuit, eventually plucking up the courage to give it a go himself.

To date, his TED Talk " I F**cked Up A Funeral, Now I'm A Millionaire " has been viewed 13 million times. He lives on a ranch in northern California with his partner Kevin and their two dogs Judy and Barbra.

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