I Practically Collect Candles—Here Are the 9 Brands I'm Currently Burning

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My friends and family always tell me that I'm notoriously difficult to buy gifts for, which I adamantly refute. Sure, I'm quite particular about what I bring into my home, the items I add to my wardrobe, and the products I allow into my beauty bag, but give me a pair of gold-toned, not too big, not too small, hoop earrings, a nude eyeshadow palette (matte pigments only, please), a puff-sleeve dress in off-white, or perhaps a scallop-edged plate, and I'm a happy, happy lady.

Okay, so after rattling off what turns out to be a very precise wish list, perhaps I am difficult to buy for. I always tell my nearest and dearest not to worry about presents—I'd much rather spend time with loved ones, anyway. Often this falls on deaf ears, but, as it turns out, having a reputation of being picky has had one positive side-effect. Now, whenever an occasion that calls for a gift comes around, my nearest and dearest default to one foolproof purchase—a candle.

It's fair to say I'm borderline obsessed with candles. I have them on my dining table, in clusters on my coffee table, adorning the length of my living room mantle, either side of my bed, and on any windowsill wide enough to house one. I love candles of all shapes and sizes, with any scent or smell. As such, I get very excited when I happen upon a new candle brand—which is where my ramblings come to fruition.

Below, you'll find an edit of my favourite independent candle brands. From the brightly-coloured tapers that are currently dominating Instagram to amber glass-housed soy formulas that never fail to make you feel cosy, these are the independent candle brands I'm currently burning in my home, and that I know you're going to love just as much as I do.


As an events manager, Tony Jack has created gorgeous tablescapes for countless cool brands and clients, with candles often serving as the focal point. However, never-quite feeling like he had the right shade, during lockdown, he decided to make his own. That's right, Fairholme is only a few months old, but already, its bright taper offering is changing the British candle scene. Made from a luxury blend of bees and soy wax, the candles are inspired by Jack's closest female friends and family. What's more, Fairholme also donates 10% of each sale to Women's Aid. and while the candles may be currently out of stock but, fret not, for I've been told the forth collection will land on August 4th.


Fairholme Rachel Candle, Set of Two, from (£10)

Fairholme Bonnie Candle, Set of Two, from (£10)

Fairholme Amy Candle, Set of Two, from (£10)


What could be more appealing than a candle crafted by a fine artist? Natasha Garbawi founded SUN.DAY of London, which uses only the highest quality aromatherapy grade essential oils, a signature sustainable wax blend, and pure cotton wicks to create its candles. On the cusp of releasing its seventh and eighth fragrances, try one, and I guarantee you'll want to collect them all.


SUN.DAY of London I. Beyond the Pines Candle (£26)

SUN.DAY of London II. Midnight (Somewhere) Candle (£26)

SUN.DAY of London III. Rooftop Garden Candle (£26)


Husband and wife Jonathan and Cassandra Hall founded La Montaña after moving to a remote mountain village in Spain, where they became captivated by the crisp, fresh smell of the morning air. So much so, it inspired the brand's signature scent. Each candle is hand-poured by skilled artisans and housed in a printed ceramic vessel modelled after vintage '30s travel posters—a beautiful addition to any coffee table.


La Montaña First Light Candle (£36)

La Montaña Three Kings Candle (£36)

La Montaña Winter Oranges Candle (£36)


Cedar wanted to create no-fuss candles with natural formulas that reset the balance of our busy lives. Every candle is hand-poured in Cedar's studio in Manchester, using 100% natural wax, combined with the highest-quality fragrances and essential oils, all of which are paraben free. Depending on your interiors, choose between its amber glass or ceramic housed candles, both of which boast long-lasting burn times.


Cedar Sylvan Candle (£26)

Cedar Sirocco Candle (£26)

Cedar Embers Candle (£26)

5. EYM

EYM's candles have become a firm favourite amongst the Instagram set thanks to its minimal but impactful packaging. That said, the candles perform beyond aesthetics; using botanical-based perfumes and all-natural formulas, these candles are as pure as candles come. With a smooth and lasting burn, these wicks tick every box.


EYM Create Candle (£39)

EYM Home Candle (£39)

EYM Rest Candle (£39)


Born to a husband and wife team, Our Lovely Goods is a Scottish business based in my hometown of Aberdeen which specialises in natural skincare and homeware—though its candles are particularly divine. With scents spanning from coast to forest, they're delicate and warming, and will help transport you to calmer pastures from the comfort of your living room.


Our Lovely Goods The Old Library Candle (£24)

Our Lovely Goods Coast Candle (£24)

Our Lovely Goods Into the Woods Candle (£24)


Those with a love of vintage and high-end interiors will likely have already fallen for the charms of Edition 94; a homeware store specialising in unique finds, ornate tableware, and, of course, candles. While its shelves – both digital and in its brick and mortar Kensington space – feature a trove of treasures, Edition 94's spiral candles are proving to be its signature. Created using cast replicas from Poland from 1980s, these candles will enhance any dining experience.


Edition 94 Swirl Candles 23cm (£6)

Edition 94 Swirl Candles 29cm (£7)

Edition 94 Swirl Candles 40cm (£8)


Crafted with wanderlust in mind, these candles have proven increasingly popular of late. From vessels that glow when lit to the transportive scents, this Manhattan-based brand will not disappoint.


Nomad Noé Dreamer in London Cedarwood and Vanilla Candle (£55)

Nomad Noé Poet in Hangzhou Bamboo and Tuberose Candle (£55)

Nomad Noé Muse in Wyoming Rosa Woodsii and Sandalwood Candle (£55)


When it comes to Bella Freud, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is the brand's iconic and celebrity-loved 1970 jumper. But did you know Bella Freud has loaned her achingly-cool touch to homeware, too? Chances are, you'll have seen her candles decorating the tables, mantles, and sills in the homes of fashion girls via Instagram. With the brand's trademark slogans and hand-drawn illustrations, it's almost impossible to choose just one. I've treated myself to three Bella Freud candles in the past, and now use the gorgeous holders for make-up brushes and to store trinkets.


Bella Freud 1970 Candle (£50)

Bella Freud Ciao Candle (£45)

Bella Freud Loving Candle (£45)

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