Potato Peels Make For A Great Breadcrumb Replacement In A Pinch

potatoes being peeled into a bowl
potatoes being peeled into a bowl - larisa Stefanjuk/Shutterstock

While spud scraps might normally be scooped into the trash bin, it doesn't have to become food waste, especially if you've discovered you're out of breadcrumbs while in the middle of a recipe. After a whirl in the blender, those potato peels can be a simple swap for breadcrumbs. That's in part because potato skins are edible, though it is best to carefully scrub the skin to ensure that there is no dirt or other unwanted ingredients lingering on the surface. In addition, ensure excess moisture is removed before repurposing the potato peels, as the additional liquid can create an imbalance in a recipe.

To use potato peels as a breadcrumb replacement, add the scraps to a blender and pulse until the mixture reaches the consistency of oats. Keep a close eye on the process, as over-blending can create a mushy mess. Just like mashed potatoes that have been overworked, that gummy, gelatinous mess holds no appeal.

Done right, this potato peel replacement can be used in meatballs, fish cakes, or other recipes that use breadcrumbs. However, add this replacement in increments and pay attention to the results, as this ingredient may not necessarily be a one-to-one stand-in for breadcrumbs in all recipes.

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Give Recipes A Nutrient Boost By Incorporating Potato Peels

potato peels on a cutting board
potato peels on a cutting board - MarinaP/Shutterstock

The sight of an open baked potato overflowing with butter, sour cream, and chives might make a person's mouth water, but enjoying that deliciousness does not need to end when the fork hits the spud's skin. Instead of scraping that portion to the side, repurposing it can be beneficial, as potato peels are packed full of nutrients.

Whether it is using the skin as a breadcrumb substitute or roasting it for a crispy, crunchy topping, the reality is that cooks need to capture those precious strips and give a dish a vitamin boost in the process. You could steep peels in milk to boost flavor and nutrients via a liquid addition. Even simply roasting the potato peels and adding them to a mashed potato dish can bring flavor and texture.

Everyone might know the saying about the health benefits of an apple a day, but potato peels could be just as beneficial. What's more, who wants all that prep work to go to waste?

Things You Should Never Do With Potato Peels

vegetable peels and garbage disposal
vegetable peels and garbage disposal - sdf_qwe/Shutterstock

From breadcrumbs and garnishes to snacks and potato powder, there are plenty of methods to keep those potato skins from hitting the trash. While all those uses can reduce food waste, sometimes an errant piece might need to be thrown away. Just ensure that those peels do not go down the garbage disposal.

What's the problem? Remember that you need to keep an eye on potato peels as they turn to breadcrumb replacements in the blender, as over-blending spuds can create a gooey mess. The same thing can happen when those peels hit the garbage disposal in your sink. That sticky mess can go on to create a messy and potentially expensive blockage in the pipes. So, while a stray piece or two may not do much harm on occasion, avoid putting potato peels (and potatoes, while we're at it) down the garbage disposal.

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