Pot Noodle Brings Back Festive Flavour After 12 Years – But We're Not Sure How To Feel...

A guilty pleasure of ours? A Pot Noodle. And we're not ashamed to admit it, those dehydrated noodle tubs are outrageously tasty. So, after hearing about our love for the snacks, you can imagine how we responded to discovering that there was in fact another flavour returning to shelves that many of us might not have devoured yet. Introducing (or reintroducing, should we say) Pot Noodle's Christmas Dinner flavour.

Said to have first launched in 2010 and coming back after 12 years, we first caught wind of the news when @newfoodsuk posted on Instagram a pic of the new flavour after spotting it in Asda. Fans have been quick to respond with one person saying, "Had it in 2010, been looking out for it every year since," and another commenting, "They did the Christmas Dinner one years ago and it was lovely."

pot noodle christmas dinner flavour
Pot Noodle

Flavoured with gravy and stuffing (two of our favourite things about Christmas dins), a 100g tub will set you back £1.20 from Asda.

Fancy something sweet to finish on? 'Tis the season for Baileys Hot Chocolate Bombes! Yep! That's a Baileys milk chocolate shell filled with mini marshmallows ready for you to pour over with some hot milk, and stir to the hot chocolate Heavens. Returning for a second year running, they're available right this second from Amazon for just £6 (each pack contains three bombes).

If that wasn't enough, Baileys has also launched a Chocolate Collection exclusive to Sainsbury's. Think milk, white and dark chocolates oozing with Baileys original and chocolate luxe delicious-ness.

Pot Noodle and Baileys, why not?!

baileys hot chocolate bombs