Give your posture corrector a rest day and do this workout instead

Give your posture corrector a rest day and do this workout instead

Though they're often overlooked, your chest muscles (a.k.a. pectorals) play a huge role in your ability to stand proud and tall. If you're wanting a better posture after the best part of a year spent working from home, a strong chest is key. The benefits of working your chest muscles don't end there, though. Another big bonus of working your chest and triceps is by strengthening your chest means strengthening the rest of your upper body (think arms and back), too.

Plus, your triceps are your secondary movers for all types of exercises that fire up your chest—pushups, included—so it's pretty much impossible to work your chest without lighting up the backs of your arms.

This chest and triceps workout is designed to challenge your upper body with a variety of different movements in different positions. You'll also mix things up by using your body weight, a resistance band, and dumbbells—and incorporate some unilateral (a.k.a. single-side) moves to build balanced strength.

You can either perform this workout two or three times a week on its own—or plug-and-play any of these exercises into full-body workouts if that's more your style.

Equipment needed: dumbbells, resistance band

Time: 25 minutes

Instructions: Perform each exercise below in order. Complete the indicated number of reps and then continue to the next move, resting as needed. Once you've completed all eight exercises, rest for one minute, then repeat the entire circuit twice more for a total of three rounds.

You’ll be standing taller in no time

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