Postal cocktail brand, NIO, introduce delicious summer flavours

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Photo credit: NIO Cocktails
Photo credit: NIO Cocktails

Inspired by the idea of bringing ready-to-savour cocktails into the home, simple enough to just pour, NIO cocktails' founders, Luca and Alessandro, have created a premium cocktail delivery service.

In each cocktail, you can be sure to find quality spirits and ingredients. The only difference? Needs Ice Only, the brand are happy to say that no other specialist knowledge, ingredients, or bar implements are required. You can choose to buy a box of 3 cocktails for £19.50, a share box of 6 for £39, or a bar box of 9 for £55 - and either go with a pre-made box, or select those that stand out to you the most.

Launched last month, the summer range consists of 3 delicious new flavours: the Tea Sour, Mango Margarita, and Roasted Amaretto Sour. Crafted by expert mixologist, Patrick Pistoleisi, you'll have a bar-quality cocktails, and you won’t waste any glorious sunshine doing any prep.

You can be sure to find all the classics like an Espresso Martini, Margarita and Old Fashioned, but find delicious inventive flavours too. NIO's Garden of Russia, Brown Gold and Boulevardier are delicious tipples that will leave you wanting to order on repeat.

You can even delve into the world of cocktails via country, with the Postcards From Japan or Venice boxes, and delight whisky lovers with smooth and classic whisky cocktails.

Each cocktail is packaged in its own uniquely-designed sleeve. When it’s time to enjoy, simply shake the sleeve, pinch and tear off the corner, and pour over ice.

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