Ashley Graham Talks To Her Curves When She Needs A Confidence Boost

Even women like Ashley Graham, who appear to be entirely body confident, have moments where they don’t like their shape [Photo: Instagram/Ashley Graham]

Ashley Graham may be everyone’s favourite curvaceous model, however the size 14 beauty recently revealed that even she has her ‘fat’ days. Thank goodness, she is human. 

Ashley opened up bout her body insecurities, telling People magazine, “I still have mornings I wake up and feel fat or I feel my cellulite is really kicking that day.

We all know that it’s only natural to have those less confident moments, and Ashley has come up with a way to deal with those times - by imparting her own wisdom on herself and giving her curves a good old fashioned talking to. 

“I have to look myself in the mirror, and I take my own advice and I talk to those different parts,” she says. 

“I tell myself I am beautiful. I tell myself I am bold and brilliant.” 

Ashley admits to being a huge fan of shapewear and says she wears it 80 per cent of the time [Photo: Instagram/Ashley Graham]

So, maybe we should all try that next time we need a little confidence boost? If not, we all know wearing a pair of tummy-sucking-in spanx always helps - and Ashley herself is a fan of them, which makes them good enough for us. 

Admitting she wears shapewear “every day” she does also say there are days when she loves her natural her body looks under her clothes. 

“I do like to see my a** jiggle every once in a while in a dress,” she says. “I think it’s really sexy,’ she adds. ‘But yes, overall, I am in shapewear probably 80 per cent of the time.”

We couldn’t agree more. goo

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