Peel Off Make-Up Is The Latest Beauty Craze (And It’s A Bit Creepy)

Two beauty products are becoming a popular craze on the Internet due to a rather unusual feature - you can peel them off *shudder*. 

Yes, it’s all kinds of creepy. If you’re squeamish and didn’t like your friends peeling PVA glue off their hands after art class, these new beauty products probably won’t be for you.

So, what does this peel off formula actually add to our beauty regime? Well, the two products one for your lips and another for your brows actually have a tinting effect. 

After applying the Romantic Bear gloss to your lips and Extude House stain to your brows you then leave them to dry before peeling it off… scary.

[Photo: ggrace_kim/ Instagram]

However, beauty fanatics are loving the results of the products, claiming the colour stains last a few days. Meaning they don’t have to spend all that time making sure their brows are on point every morning.

Hmm, so maybe it isn’t as scary as it looks after all, it could just be weirdly satisfying.

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