Travel Hacks: The Ultimate Holiday Packing Guide

Love it or hate it, when we are going on holiday it has to be done! Personally, I look forward to packing and plan way ahead (a bit sad, I know!) but a lot of my friends can’t stand it and leave it until the very last minute. I don’t think it makes too much of a difference so long as you stick to a few golden rules, some of them might seem obvious but you’d be surprised at how many people I’ve seen who don’t utilise what they already have.?

Read on to check out what they are…?

1)?Before starting to pack, lay out all potential outfits and see if anything can double up to save space eg pairs of jeans and plain t-shirts.

2)?Check the weather forecast for your destination and also the average weather for that month to avoid any nasty surprises.

3) When packing, roll instead of fold! A lot more can be squeezed in and items will crease less.

4) For jewellery, in particular necklaces, store them through a straw. This is a great way to save time detangling your necklace when what you really want to be doing is going out for dinner!

5) Most people decant their favourite products into smaller bottles which are cheaply available at many shops but to prevent them for leaking or spilling over everything else in the suitcase, wrap them in small freezer bags. The same goes with nail polishes as they are prone to leaking if taken on an aeroplane.

6) If packing extra shoes, wrap them in plastic bags. This will keep clothes from getting dirty and it’s always handy to have extra bags.

7) If you’re short on space but want to take a travel iron, check and see if where you are staying has a hairdryer. They are a quick and easy way of blowing out creases. Even less time? Hang up your garment in the bathroom whilst taking a hot shower, the steam should do the trick.

8) My two items I am never without are a large pashmina which I use for a scarf, blanket or an extra layer and a small packed waterproof jacket, essential for city breaks

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