Sam Faiers Mum-Shamed Over Her Parenting Skills

Sam shared this sweet snap to Instagram but was criticised by some for carrying her son ‘incorrectly’ [Photo: Instagram/samanthafaiers1]

Another day, another celebrity being mum-shamed. This time it’s the turn of new mum Sam Faiers to be on the receiving end of the bashing. Again.

Last week the ex-TOWIE star shared a sweet snap to Instagram of her and her five-month-old son, Paul on a family hike. So far, so innocent. But critics were quick to pass judgement about the way Sam was holding the baby in his carrier.

Sam’s parenting ‘crime’ was supposedly allowing her little one to face away from her, which critics said wasn’t safe, and allowing baby Paul to wear a pram suit that might cause him to overheat.

“Hi Sam baby wearing is great! However baby can easily overheat and shouldn’t be in a pram suit as they are getting your body heat. Also baby shouldn’t be facing out till they are older x,” one follower commented.

“Having baby face this way puts their legs into an unnatural position and can cause bad hip problems for the baby….,” added another.

Some questioned the brand of sling Sam was using, but another user hit back: “Not the carrier that’s the problem. Baby should be facing Mummy. Forward facing means their legs dangle and isn’t good for their hips.” 

But not everyone was keen to jump on the mum-shaming bandwagon and others were quick to step in and defend Sam, saying there was nothing wrong with the way Paul was being carried.

“Just wanted to drop by and share some love. You look like your doing nothing short of being the best mum ever to baby Paul and most importantly loving every single second of it. People cannot stand to see people do so amazingly well so effortlessly. I love your posts. #positiveparenting,” wrote one supporter.

“Mums brigade!!!! Nothing worse than being preached to. Sure she is doing a great job,” added another.

“Ahhhh perfect mummies out on patrol again … bore off. Babies looked after and happy and healthy. Rather then telling Sam on how to bring up her child get off this and look after your own you bores,” one follower chipped in.

“Seriously?? She uploads a lovely pic of her & her son and people have to ruin it with their opinions and criticism!! Leave her alone!! Worry about your own lives,” finished another.

A second picture Sam shared also sparked a debate about pram safety [Photo: Instagram/samanthafaiers1]

Sadly, it wasn’t the end of the parenting shaming for Sam. After uploading a further picture of baby Paul enjoying his great grandad’s 70th birthday party in his Silver Cross pram, she came in for more criticism from some about him not being strapped in.

“That pram may be cute but surely he can climb out of it at his age? I’d be worried about him falling out the second I turned my back,” one woman commented.

The picture seemed to spark a debate on pram safety.

“That’s why you don’t leave them unsupervised or not strapped in when they become more mobile. It’s not the pram that’s not safe, is people underestimating babies that are the problem,” one follower chimed in.

“When he sits up I’m sure she’ll put a baby’s harness on him that will stop him falling out. I had this pram for my three children and I used it from when they were born until they didn’t want to get in it anymore and not once did any of them fall out as they were strapped In! #logical,” added one commentator.

Others thought Sam should be left to make her own parenting decisions.

“Instead of criticising others why don’t people just worry about their own kids and lives? @samanthafaiers1 is his mother she knows what’s best for him,” one woman wrote.

Sam is often pictured with her Silver Cross pram [Photo: Instagram/samanthafaiers1]

It isn’t the first time Sam has been on the receiving end of mum shaming. Earlier this year she shared a picture breastfeeding on a sunlounger and was called out by some for her decision to upload the snap to social media. Others, however, praised the reality TV star for ‘normalising’ breastfeeding.

So far Sam hasn’t responded to any criticism of her parenting choices, but with her Instagram awash with happy shots of her new mum journey, she certainly doesn’t seem to be letting the haters get to her. Good for you Sam. 

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