5 Reasons Kate And William Are Total Relationship Goals

5 years on and the couple are still in the honeymoon period [Photo: PA Images]

Who didn’t shed a tear when Kate floated up the aisle to marry William? Not only because it was another Prince off the marriage market (Harry, we’re all yours!), but mainly because they looked so darned happy *sobs*. Five years and two babies later the royal couple are still total relationship goals. Here’s why…

They still have a laugh together

Whether they’re sharing a private joke in the royal box at Wimbledon or playfully teasing each other over their archery/sailing/cricket skills (or lack of!), it’s clear a belly laugh and some good old fashioned banter is a huge part of Kate and William’s relationship.

The couple aren’t afraid to show their fun side [Photo: Rex Features]

Body language expert Judi James explains that the playful competiveness between the royal couple symbolises the strength of their marriage.

“One of the best things about William and Kate’s body language signals has been the increasing signs of very similar competitive and playful behaviours,” explains Judi.  “Put the pair in any sporting events and you can see signs of real determination to outdo one another. They also clearly make one another laugh and this capacity for winding one another up will be what ‘rescues’ William from the pressure of his royal duties in the same way that his fun with Harry used to.”

The couple that plays together stays together [Photo: Rex Features]

According to Judi the kind of banter the royal couple share is a continuation of the strong yet competitive relationship that Prince William and his brother Prince Harry share.

“Before he met Kate William’s body language was always at its best when he was with his brother Harry. The pair seemed to have a playful and highly competitive relationship and when William married Kate it was possible that he might miss this type of role in his life.”

Instead he found someone who could mix in and enjoy the fun. And we’ve all heard the saying, the couple that plays together stays together.

They’re totally in sync

Whether they’re waving to the crowd, posing with their hands crossed formally in their laps or laughing with their heads bowed together, the Duke and Duchess are nearly always in sync. And mirroring one another, according to Judi James, is one of the most important body language signals for any couple. 

“Subliminal mirroring or mimicry of body language signals will always suggest a like-minded relationship that involves strong bonds of friendship as well as passion, and Kate and William reveal some of the strongest mutual mimicry that I have ever seen,” Judi explains.

Copying isn’t the sincerest form of flattery [Photo: Rex Features]

“This trait was even more unusual given that William has been trained as a royal and as a serving officer. For him to fall naturally into mimicry traits with a girl with a much more informal background is outstanding and for me it has been the one big clue to the strength of their relationship,” she continues.

But what Judi really finds surprising about the couple’s twinning, is that it seems to have increased rather than decreased in the 5 year’s since their marriage.

The royal couple love a bit of twinning [Photo: Rex Features]

“This is unusual in a relationship,” she says.  “Often a newly-in-love couple will make subconscious effort to appear ‘twinned’ but as they relax and develop as individuals the differences start to appear. When Kate and William were in India though there were many moments when this tendency to mirror was as intense as ever, suggesting they are as like-minded now as they were when they were dating.” Bless!

They’re relationship equals

When Kate and William announced their engagement much was made over a ‘normal’ girl marrying into royalty, and though Kate may have appeared submissive during those first ‘official’ pictures, Judi believes Kate has always matched William in the power stakes.

“Kate’s power signals were switched to ‘low’ during their engagement, allowing William to register what looked like guidance and concern,” explains Judi.

“But Kate never really showed traits of genuinely passive vulnerability. Her support and concern signals have always subtly matched her husbands, suggesting she is as much his rock (and perhaps more) than he is hers.”

Kate may have appeared to look submissive, but experts believe Kate has always matched Wills in the power stakes [Photo: Rex Features]

Relationship and dating expert James Preece believes that Kate’s confidence has grown with the relationship.

“Kate does definitely seem more confident nowadays,” he explains.  “She’s a natural mother and clearly loves her role. You can see that she has become much more relaxed and her smile is bigger and more genuine.”

Judi agrees and says pictures of the royal couple on their recent trip to India offered an indication of this.

Kate’s confidence appears to have grown with her relationship [Photo: Rex Features]

“She was in her element, posing with splayed feel and both hands on her hips while William showed all the signs of wilting,” she says.

“This is Kate at her confident best. The signs were always there but now they have been together for years and Kate has adopted the role of mother of one future king as well as wife of another we seem to be seeing her at her confident and most powerful best.”

They’re not afraid to show everyone they’re in love

Though you don’t often see Kate and Wills holding hands or kissing, the off-the-cuff PDAs they’ve shown on occasion are an indicator of the couple’s genuine affection.

Awww! [Photo: Rex Features]

“William and Kate seem to be quite protective of their brand, avoiding being too giving in terms of their body language,” explains Judi. “I believe the idea has been to damp down any intrusive press attention to avoid the kind of circus Diana suffered from and part of this plan seems to be to avoid overt touch rituals when they appear together.”

Sometimes you just can’t help packing on the PDAs [Photo: Getty Images]

But sometimes they just can’t help themselves, like when they were cheering on Team GB in the Olympics.

“It’s when avoidance is impossible, like this crowd eruption of glee during the Olympics that we get to glimpse the more spontaneously tactile side of the couple. Their natural tendency was to fling themselves into one another’s arms and cling together like koalas. William is roaring with happiness and Kate’s smile suggests a young woman totally happy in love.”

Having children seems to have brought them closer

New parents know the drill. A squawking baby arrives on the scene and suddenly it’s less date night and more ‘did you remember to load the steriliser’? Before you know it it’s not just the baby having a meltdown at 3am it’s your marriage. Now we’re not suggesting for one second that the arrival of a bouncing George and bonnie Charlotte brought Kate and William’s relationship to crisis point, but as any new couple will testify having a baby is a bit of a gamechanger.

“Having children clearly created some huge changes in Kate and William’s body language signals as it does with any couple,” explains Judi James. “William’s poses during the formal pics after Charlotte was born showed Kate fully embracing the two children while William posed to one side, crouched like the protective dad.”

Wills takes on the protective dad/husband role [Photo: Rex Features]

If Kate and Wills were feeling the effects of parenthood on their relationship, they certainly wouldn’t be alone. According to research funded by the National Institute of Mental Health Two-thirds of couples become significantly less happy in their marriages after the first baby arrives.

“Once a baby arrives, it’s absolutely normal for things to change,” says James Preece. “You become three (or even four!) and as such, just like William and Kate, the focus is always going to be on your children. Little things like hand holding become impossible as you will be pushing prams and making sure your children are safe.”

Is this the cutest family pic ever? [Photo: PA Images]

But if the arrival of the royal bambinos did put any strain on the couple, the body language on their recent tour of India suggests their relationship post-kids is stronger than ever. “The pictures showed the couple were very much a double act again portraying their signature signs of romping and fun, just like any other strong-bonded parents who leave their kids for a few days break together,” says Judi.

As we said relationship goals.

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