Why I Chose To Wear My Mother’s Wedding Dress

In September 1984, my parents decided to get married. They didn’t do much planning, it was all very last minute and romantic. My mum, however decided to design her own wedding dress. 

She always had a particular style, short hair, no make-up and always an effortless look. She drew a sketch and took it to the local seamstress and that’s how her silky white wedding dress was born. 

After signing the papers at the registry office, my parents jumped on the train and went to the seaside. Nobody knew they got married, except their parents. They were young and wild and free. 

One evening they decided to make a photo shoot. Dad borrowed a suit and a hat from the local theater and asked a friend of his to take some photos. The rest is magic. 

One photo out of all of them ended up being my favourite one. I grew up with this photo in my home, I was always proud to see it appear in the local newspapers and I still have goosebumps when someone shares it online. 

It’s the perfect photo of my parents and I will cherish it forever. 

The good news is that my mum managed to save the dress all this time. So when I called her from Paris to let her know that I got engaged to my boyfriend, she took out the dress from the attic and decided it’s time for me to have it. 

We celebrated the engagement in the same spot they celebrated their wedding. I wore my mum’s dress and my dad was the one to take the pictures. I decided not to remake the same photo of them - that should be theirs only. But the evening was still magical and now it’s my turn to keep the dress, so that my daughter will get to wear it one day. 

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