Why Being Cheated On Makes You ‘Win’ At Relationships

Science has revealed that women who are cheated on ‘win’ at relationships in the end [Photo: PALOMA Aviles via Pexels]

Sobbing into the Ben & Jerry’s because you found out your other half has been getting busy with Becky with the good hair or [Insert appropriate name here]? Been there, done that, got the snotty tissues to prove it! But before you condemn yourself to a lifetime of loserville, we have some excellent news that might just turn that frown upside down.

It turns out, according to science (and you can’t argue with science), that women who have been cheated on are the ones who ‘win’ at relationships in the end.

Allow us to explain. A new study from Binghamton University, New York and University College London titled ‘Intrasexual Mate Competition and Breakups: Who Really Wins?’ suggests that women who breakup with a partner because he’s been unfaithful could end up coming out on top in the long run. Why? Because the experience will have taught them to how to adapt to breakups and make better choices in future partners.  

‘You’ve been cheating on me? Whatevs!’ [Photo: unsplash.com via Pexels]

The study, which involved a survey of 5,705 people, found that after you go through the usual anger, hatred, betrayal, sadness, furious facebook stalking you will come out the other side stronger and better qualified to jump back on the dating horse.

Dr Craig Morris, who led the study, explains: “Our thesis is that the woman who ‘loses’ her mate to another woman will go through a period of post-relationship grief and betrayal, but come out of the experience with higher mating intelligence that allows her to better detect cues in future mates that may indicate low mate value. Hence, in the long-term, she ‘wins’.”

Onwards and upwards! [Photo: unsplash.com via Pexels]

And if that wasn’t good news enough, the study also surmised that the woman your ex cheated with will ultimately be the one who comes off worst. Sucker!

“The ‘other woman’, conversely, is now in a relationship with a partner who has a demonstrated history of deception and, likely, infidelity. Thus, in the long-term, she ‘loses’” explains Dr Morris.

You on the other hand will be armed with extreme “mating intelligence” which means you’ll be able to spot cheating warning signs, will be better equipped to deal with any heartache in the future and ultimately more qualified to side-step future douchebags.

Who’s the loser now eh?

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