The Internet Totally Lost It Over This Magical Rainbow Highlighter

The Internet lost it over this magical rainbow highlighter [Photo: Instagram/]

When it comes to getting your glow on Instabeauties are constantly searching for the highlighter holy grail.

So when a Redditor shared a screengrab of some magical rainbow powder and asked for help in tracking it down, the Internet totally lost it.

“Can anyone help me ID this iridescent rainbow blush from an Instagram post?” she wrote pleadingly.

Because who doesn’t need a rainbow coloured highlighter in their life? Just one dusting of this gorgeous powder could well see you transformed into a Coachella-esque festival goddess. That’s if you can bring yourself to actually use it, and not just keep it as an object of extreme beauty.

A Reddit user shared this post asking users to track down the origin of the highlighter [Photo: Imgur]

Do you want the good news or the bad news? Good news is the rainbow highlighter, called ‘prism’ has been tracked down to a US-based Etsy store called BitterLaceBeauty, where owner Jenna hand-makes the lush little pastel palettes herself.

The perfect festival inspired beauty product? [Photos: Instagram/]

Bad news? She’s been so inundated with orders the product is currently out of stock, although she’s hoping to re-stock soon.  

“Prism our rainbow highlighter is currently out of stock but will be making a comeback soon make sure you are following us on social media for updates,” she wrote on Instagram. 

Can’t wait? You can at least drool over pictures of the magical product on their Instagram page.

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