A Hedgehog Cafe Has Opened And It Sounds Like Heaven On Earth

How could you resist cuddling this tiny little fella? [Photo: Instagram/The Little Blue Bow]

We’ve seen cat cafes, dog cafes, owl cafes and even a bunny spa. 

But news of a hedgehog cafe has made us want to throw down our Starbucks chai latte and rush over to get a cuppa in an establishment where we can play with these spiky little dudes for hours on end.

Only problem is, it’s in Tokyo. Bit of a mission, but this is one animal-themed coffee shop that we’re prepared to go the extra mile (or 6,000) for. 

O.M.G. [Photo: Instagram/Shoma_Arku]

Hedgehog cuddles with lunch sounds ideal to us. [Photo: Instagram/_mt109]

In case you’re in the neighborhood, it’s located in the hip and happening Roppongi district and is called “Harry” - which is apparently a play of the Japanese word for hedgehog. 

It opened back in February and has boasted a queue around the block practically since day one, Reuters reports. Not surprising, this is a HEDGEHOG cafe after all. The beverages may not be the best in the city but the entertainment sure is. 

Visitors can peruse some 20 to 30 different varieties of the animal, who lounge in glass tanks throughout the cafe. But don’t panic, they’re fine being cuddled, too. 

And they don’t have to pay much for the pleasure. A visit on a weekday costs locals just £6.50 or £8.50 at the weekend. A steal, if you ask us. 

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