Kylie Jenner Is Turned Into A Plastic Doll For Magazine Shoot, Gets Mocked By Internet

Kylie Jenner has followed in her big sister Kim’s footsteps and modelled for Paper magazine. But, rather than stripping off for the camera, the 18-year-old reality star channels a doll in the snapshots for the April issue - looking more plastic than ever. 

Boasting fuller-than-ever lips, make-up that helps her eyes appear oversized and a cropped pink wig, the reality star looks a whole lot like Barbie - and it’s all a little creepy. 

“Our concept for this issue was YOUth and we took inspiration from all things neon so we enlisted colorful personalities such as stylist Rushka Bergman and photographer Erik Madigan Heck to do something incredibly young, fun and bright,” the mag’s editorial director, Mickey Boardman, told Mashable

“We had these crazy plastic wigs that were helmet-like paired with an ultra-bright wardrobe. Kylie looked so cartoon that we thought it would be amazing to exaggerate and blur the lines of what’s real and fake. Or just over drawn!”

The somewhat-comical shoot has inspired a whole host of comparisons online, with fans drawing very comical comparisons of their own…

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