Rihanna Is Werk, Werk, Werking A Unibrow In Her New Music Vid

[Photo: Rihanna/ Instagram]

Rihanna is the queen of cool and utter #goals when it comes to beauty and fashion.

In her latest music video, ‘Kiss It Better’, the singer’s doing her usual thang; writhing around with just a slip of fabric to cover her modesty. Nothing new to see here. 

[Photo: Rihanna/ Instagram]

But, when she finally unravels herself, her fans are treated to a glimpse of her signature bold lip, smokey eyeshadow and, oddly, a rather fetching unibrow. 

Yes, this is on purpose and wasn’t a make-up artist’s slip-up. 

It seems like our girl RiRi is trying to make the unibrow ‘a thing’. But she’s no Frida Kahlo, and we’re not sure she can rock it. 

[Photo: Alexander Summerfield/ Instagram]

We have to admit that despite everyone’s eyebrow game getting stronger, with bolder and bigger brows emerging all the time, we never saw this coming. 

It’s not exactly an easy look to werk. After all, this is the kind of stuff that would’ve gotten us bullied for the entire duration of school. 

Rihanna may be able to pull it off, but we would stay firmly under that sheet until someone got us some tweezers. Pronto.

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