World’s Sexiest Maths Teacher Lands Gig As New Face Of Armani

We’d totally have paid attention in maths if our teacher looked like this! [Photo: Instagram/ pietroboselli]

Remember the super hot maths teacher who almost broke the internet after his students shared his pictures online?

ICYMI Pietro Boselli from Negrar, Italy caused his giddy pupils to majorly up their study game when he started teaching maths at the University College London. So smitten were his students that they entered him into the sexiest teacher in the world competition, which he promptly won. We mean, obvs.

But that wasn’t the end of the story. Because now the mathematician, who has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, has decided to temporarily step away from the white board to focus on his modelling career instead. And unsurprisingly, the big labels have come a calling as he’s recently been announced as the new face of Giorgio Armani’s sporty EA7 line.

Brains and brawn! [Photos: Instagram/ pietroboselli]

While he’s always dreamed of a career in modelling, Peitro says he chose to follow an academic path for fear of people looking down on him.

“In a way I was ashamed, I thought that the people from the academic world would look down on me,” he said.

The teacher-come-model is the full, er, package. Sorry! [Photos: Instagram/ pietroboselli]

But, thankfully for us, he’s now decided to give modelling a go full-time. Watch out David Gandy. With almost 900,000 following his every six-packed move on Instagram, it would be easy for the teacher-slash-model to let the attention go to his head, but he’s determined to keep his feet on the ground. Besides people “think he is too beautiful to ever take it seriously.“

We may well have paid attention in trigonometry if our maths teacher looked like that. *swoons*

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