How French Girls Do Street Style For Fashion Week

Erin Cunningham

By the last leg of Fashion Month (a.k.a. the holy grail that is Paris Fashion Week), you’d think showgoers would be fresh out of outfit ideas, fleeing discomfort for, well, anything more soothing, and re-wearing clothing like it’s their job. Anywhere else in the world that might be the case. But when one’s schedule is filled with the likes of Chanel, Dior, Vuitton, and so much more, the final stretch is more like a sartorial sprint than a cool-down.

This season in Paris, the mix of varying personal styles was unrivalled: There were your tweed-toting Karl Lagerfeld loyalists; your new-age Vetements fans, clad in extra-long-sleeved hoodies; your on-trend followers, wearing the latest Gucci accessories. And though the crowds differed depending on the show and location, it was clear that people were pulling out all the stops when it came to getting dressed. Click through to get your final dose of street style until September. Go big or go home, right?

The matching set, elevated.

Vetements sighting, numero une.

Technicolor leather jackets are spring's version of the technicolor fur coat.

Primary colours get toned down with a more muted, painterly stroked topcoat. Colour-blocking in a way you wouldn't expect.

Balance out the girly-ness of a floral frock by pairing it with a more athletic-inspired, Under Armour-style turtleneck.

Rainbow striped track pants make 10-hour work days feel that much comfier (not to mention cooler).

Because shoes without backs are just better.

A pastel topper can easily bring your winter staples, like a black turtleneck and booties, straight into spring.

"What's up, Doc?"

That oversized sweatshirt you wear to the gym? Wear it in place of your jean or leather jacket with a floral dress or skirt. It's warm, it's cozy, and it surprisingly looks like it came straight off the runway.

One of many buzz-worthy bombers (but we like how the rock and roll theme ties this oversized jacket and graphic tee combination together).

No need to decide between a statement bag and statement sleeves.

Remember that celeb-approved trend we said you'd be seeing everywhere?

Whether purchased as-is or DIY'd, embroidery can make your plain pair of jeans feel like new.

Scrunched elbows and extra-wide bell sleeves take this simple white trench to new heights.

Forget wearing your coat over your shoulders: Instead, let it hang off one.

A leather jacket, a button-up, and jeans make this outfit a fashion-girl trifecta to try.

Vetements sighting, numero deux.

How Olivia Palermo does all-black-everything.

The cool girl version of "talk to the hand."

Spotted: last season's most knocked-off shoes.

Bell-bottom pants in a bold purple paisley? Nothing says the '70s are back quite like these...

We're into any multi-functional piece, like this silver coat that easily doubles as a mirror.

Belt it up, even when there are no belt loops in sight.

Coats are hanging low, so why shouldn't your scarf do the same?

Vetements sighting, numero trois.

And numero quatre.

Sunny days call for a heavy application of colour.

Metal ring handles are like jewellery for your bag.

Patchwork denim looks just as good on a dress as it does on a pair of jeans, but it looks especially good paired with a chunky knit and thick, turquoise heels.

A neck scarf is the versatile spring accessory you need.

How Big Bird would do Paris Fashion Week. Très chic, non?

Louis Vuitton's #TBT logo print gets a modern makeover.

"I just want a Picasso, in my casa, on my coat..."

This outfit gets a colour-coordinating A+.

For chillier days, layer an off-the-shoulder top over a classic button-up shirt.

Flower pom-poms are one surefire way to welcome spring.

Why tie your sweater around your waist when you could tie it around your neck?

A denim jacket, a blazer, and a cropped moto walk into a fashion show...

"Say cheese!"

Wide-legged leather pants are way more breathable than your average leather leggings.

Never shy away from colour.

When your clutch is also a glove (but how hard is it to text?!).

This beaded jacket knows exactly what it is: So "good."

Give your gingham some edge with a seam lined with grommets.

One fish, two fish ...

The options for an out-of-the-box leather jacket are endless. Just look to the stitching, embroidery, and embellishments (like zippers and snaps) to get creative.

This season, stitching is meant to be seen.

The more frayed your denim is, the better.

And the winner of Paris Fashion Week is...

Try your underwear as outerwear by wearing a bra top over a long-sleeved dress.

Dare to wear one print head to toe, like this full houndstooth look.

Vetements sighting, numero cinq.

Way better than jeans and a tee...

A Gucci bag made for Marcia Brady.

Is the bucket hat about to be trending?

A feminine take on the polo shirt.

Seriously, who could possibly rock a statement tie like Yasmin Sewell?

In the wise words of Lana Del Ray, "Kiss me right before you go..."

When an iPhone 6s plus just isn't enough.

Rihanna wore pyjamas on the red carpet, so why can't you wear them on the street?

Hello, turtleneck-assisted bob.

In this coat, every day is a sunny day.

If you aren't into the whole off-the-shoulder thing, why not let your top hang off just slightly?

"I've got sunshine in a bag..."

Does that bag have a face, or is it just us?

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