Period Emojis Hope To Break Down Menstruation Stigma

Bodyform are petitioning to get six new period ‘femojis’ introduced [Photo: Bodyform]

Blobbing, on the rag, got a visit from aunt flo… A new survey has revealed we have over 5000 euphomisms to describe our time of the month, but when it comes to actually talking, you know really talking, about periods it seems we’re still remaining pretty tight-lipped. And that’s despite the fact that over 300 million women are having their period right now.

Well step forward Bodyform who are launching an initiative to remove the taboo around periods via a set of new emojis, or ‘femojis’ if you will. The feminine care company have launched a petition to get period emojis to be added to the official Unicode keyboard in a bid to break down the barriers which mean millions of women still struggle to openly discuss their time of the month.

The company hope the emojis will help breakdown period stigma [Photo: Rex Features]

Nicola Coronado, Marketing Director of Bodyform said: ‘Menstruation is a totally natural process – but we have all felt a bit shy about discussing it.

‘We want to break down the taboos around periods. There are currently 1620 emojis on the Unicode keyboard, but for the important things in life, like our periods, there is no way to express ourselves in this new universal language.

‘And let’s be honest, if an aubergine can prosper on your list of frequently used emojis, we’re certain that you can find a million-and-one uses for Bodyform femojis!’

How millions of women feel every month! [Photo: Rex Features]

The company have put forward six potential period emojis, covering everything from spots and bloating to needing a hot water bottle. So instead of mumbling ‘women’s problems’ when asked what’s wrong, you’ll be able to let people know with an emoji.

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