Mum ‘Addicted’ To Breastfeeding Her Toddler Has An Empowering Message For Other Parents

Mallory Bourn wants to spread the breastfeeding message [Photo: Instagram/mallorybourn]

With tears streaming down her cheeks, Mallory Bourn winced in pain as she struggled to get her newborn to latch onto her breast. The urge to give up and switch to bottle feeding was overwhelming, but the new mum stuck with it. 

Fast forward 14-months and Mallory has now become a breastfeeding advocate who wants to spread the empowering message that it’s not just ‘weirdos’ who believe breast is best beyond the first few months.

Originally only intending to breastfeed her daughter, Blythe, for three to six months, the 24-year-old now claims to be ‘addicted’ and even though her tot is now 14-months Mallory has no intentions of stopping just yet.

Mallory and her 14-month old daughter Blyth [Photo: Instagram/mallorybourn]

The new mum who writes about fashion and parenthood with her sister, Hattie on their blog Bourn Sisters says she is ‘emotionally attached’ to feeding her little one and claims it is one of her favourite parts of motherhood. So much so that she now ‘can’t help feeling a little jealous and replaced’ when she sees her little one using a bottle.

“Breastfeeding, for me, has been an amazing experience,” she said.

"I think I am addicted to the attachment and the closeness it brings, that powerful connection.

"When I think about stopping I feel really sad. I’m so attached to it and can’t imagine my day without those feeds - although I never expected to feel the way I do.”

“There is something so sacred about breastfeeding that I don’t think you can understand until you are a breastfeeding mum, and I am just not quite ready for it to be over yet.”

The blogger wants others to know it’s not just ‘weirdos’ who breastfeed beyond the first few months  [Photo: Instagram/mallorybourn]

But like many new mums, Mallory, who lives in London with her fiancé Joe, didn’t immediately take to breastfeeding. She describes the first few weeks as an emotional struggle, regularly finding herself crying with pain and frustration. But with support of her friends and family she persevered and now, she wants to stand up to the breastfeeding bashers who think feeding children past the first year is somehow odd.

“Breastfeeding seems to be really encouraged for newborns, but once the baby gets past one it seems to be unknown territory,” she explained.

“There are so many women who are doing it but no one is really talking about it.”

Breast Vs Bottle, Mallory says it’s the mum’s choice [Photo: Instagram/mallorybourn]

But though breastfeeding has clearly been the right choice for Mallory, she believes mothers must make the decision they feel is right for them and their babies. “Bottle feeding doesn’t make you any less of a mum or prevent you bonding with your baby – it’s just different,” she said.

“Don’t feel pressured by family or midwives - do what is right for you and your baby. A confident, happy mum makes for a happy baby,” she adds.  

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