So, Erm, Vagina Weightlifting Is A Thing

‘Intimacy Coach’ Kim Anami in Venice lifting a Murano glass chandelier WITH HER VAGINA! [Photo: Instagram/kimanami]

Forget doing your kegels this ‘intimacy coach’ says vagina weightlifting is worth its weight in pelvic floors.

We’ve all heard (and largely ignored) the warnings. Skip doing your pelvic floors at your peril! But turns out the occasional kegel isn’t going nearly far enough in the pelvic battle. A sexual intimacy expert believes every woman should keep theirs strong by practicing the art of vagina weightlifting.

‘Intimacy Coach’, Kim Anami, who splits her time between LA and Bali, teaches ‘Vaginal Kung Fu’ which aside from giving you pelvics of steal, she also believes can help depression and give younger looking skin.

Using #thingsiliftwithmyvagina Kim photographs her latest lifting triumphs [Photo: Instagram/kimanami]

The 44-year-old ties a piece of string to the end of an egg-shaped jade ball and then attaches various weights to it so she is forced to engage her muscles to keep the jade egg inside her body. She claims, and has the instagram pictures to prove, that she can lift coconuts, household objects and even a surfboard with her vaginal muscles alone. Anyone else clenching right now?

“I first started practicing what I now call Vaginal Kung Fu — the mastery of all things vagina — 20 years ago,” she told Barcroft Media. “It is based on ancient Taoist practices women used 5,000 years ago to strengthen the pelvic floor and increase sexual pleasure.”

Me, my vagina, a pineapple. And a sunrise. Kim captioned this shot [Photo: Instagram/kimanami]

The unconventional expert has more than 35,000 followers on Instagram and has also had thousands sign up to her online courses - where she provides information and instruction on Vaginal Kung Fu and vaginal weightlifting.

Still skeptical? Kim believes there are multiple health and emotional benefits from the unconventional practice.

'Having a strong pelvic floor and vaginal muscles helps with everything from increasing libido, orgasmic potential and lubrication, eliminating incontinence, and preventing pelvic organ prolapse, especially after childbirth,’ she explains.

‘The Bali Series: The mighty coconut.’ [Photo: Instagram/kimanami]

But couldn’t pumping weights with your vagina cause some sort of damage? Or be kind of painful? Kim insists that there are no dangers associated with vaginal weightlifting as long as you are sensible and build up slowly.

She said: 'You start small and work your way up like you would in any weight lifting regimen. You wouldn’t just go and bench press 300 pounds. I practice several times a week. A woman could safely practice every day if she wanted to.’

Despite Kim’s pain-free assurances, if your eyes are still watering at the thought of benchpressing a bowl of pasta with your bits (Kim’s already done this obvs!), remember you don’t have to go to the extremes of vaginal weightlifting to bulk up your pelvics. Strengthening exercises practiced in yoga, barre and Pilates classes will all help, and there are several pelvic apps designed to boost your down-there health.

Now where did I put that coconut?

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