Make The Most Of Your Beauty Sleep With These Miracle Products And Tips

Let’s talk about skincare that performs miracles* while you sleep.

Why is it that night is a good time to use a powerful skincare product? When you’re sleeping your skin has time to repair. It’s not having to use all it’s energy to fight off factors of daily life (technical term: free radicals = stress, smoke, pollution). Just like you’re giving your mind and body a rest whilst sleeping, you skin also relaxes and looks after itself - it’s called beauty sleep for a reason!

I love using serums and creams that pack a punch so that I know when I wake up my skin will have gotten the most out of the past eight six hours.

Different products tackle different problems. The Neal’s Yard Remedies Frankincense Intense Concentrate boosts skin plumpness, Lancome Renergie Multi Lift firms and lifts (duh) the skin overnight, while Hydr8 Night from Medik8 provides a whollop of hydration for tired or stressed skin and aids in skin texture renewal. The last one I’ve been using at night is the newest launch from Indeed Labs which is called Fillume. It’s dubbed as a volumising
cream (a term normally reserved for hair) but it basically means it uses clinically proven ingredients to help with volume loss in the face, something that can be really ageing. I like to use this one in the day, too.

Other tips to make the most of/get a good night’s sleep are lavender spray on pillow (my all time favourite is from This Works), a glass of water by your bed, a refreshing face mist on your bedside table (this helps make me feel fresh and awake in the morning), a good book to let your mind unwind and no phones (I’m awful at this!) for an hour before bedtime. 

*well, I think so anyway

Emma Hoareau is a beauty blogger who runs Lolita Says So. Follow her on Instagram.