Mum’s Selfie Shows What A Woman’s Body Looks Like Hours After Giving Birth

The inspiring and honest image has been praised by thousands of people. [Photo: Facebook]

In the past few years, there’s been a wave of women sharing photos of their post-pregnancy bodies in an effort to help boost other mums’ confidence levels and prove that every new mother has lumps and bumps that weren’t there before.

But one mum’s taken things a step further and shared a snapshot of her post-birth bod just 24 hours after giving birth.

Erica Andrews, a midwife from the US, took a black and white photo of herself a day after her son Silas arrived – wearing nothing but maternity pants and a baby sling that her child’s secured in.

Andrews and her family before baby Silas arrived. [Photo: Facebook]

The raw and real image, which Andrews shared to the sling company’s Facebook page on Tuesday, quickly went viral and has been liked over 115,000 times with fans praising Andrews for being so brave.

“This is what 24 hours postpartum looks like,” Andrews wrote alongside the image. “Baby in sling. Skin to skin. Adult diapers. And a rosy glow. My body feels like it ran a marathon and my heart is wide open from yesterday’s travels.

“I feel raw. Emotional. Different. I feel like I’m on the undulating surface of the rippling ocean being tossed back and forth between happiness, gratitude, melancholy and grief.

“I am in complete awe of our strength as humans, women and mothers,” she concluded. “This time is simply unlike any other.”

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