This Company Cleans The Homes Of Women With Cancer - And Doesn’t Charge A Penny

The selfless US organisation has been in action for almost a decade. [Photo: Facebook/Cleaning For A Reason]

Cleaning For A Reason isn’t your bog standard cleaning company. The organisation’s team cleans the home of women undergoing treatment for cancer – and refuses to take any money for their work.

The idea is to relieve women with cancer, of any type, of at least one chore and worry so that they can spend more time and effort focusing on their health and treatment.

The US company was the brainchild of Debbie Sardone, a cleaner who was approached by a lady who couldn’t afford her services while she was battling cancer.

While Sardone forgot to take down that particular client’s details to call back and sort a free clean out, she decided she would never turn away a female customer undergoing treatment for cancer again.

Her idea resonated with other cleaning companies and from that the non-profit organisation Cleaning For A Reason emerged.

Since it’s launch almost a decade ago, the company has got together a team of over 1,200 volunteers who donate their time and skills to cleaning the homes of women with cancer. To date, they’ve made the lives of over 19,500 women a whole lot easier – and saved them somewhere in the region of £3.8 million.

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