Woman Shares Incredibly Honest Break-Up Story With Adele On Facebook

Adele’s hit has helped one woman get over her heartbreak. [Photo: Instagram/Adele]

Adele’s music really has an impact on people’s lives. First her latest hit “Hello” helped one 19-year-old girl get the last laugh with her ex-boyfriend and now one of her more classic tracks has helped a woman through her heartbreak.

Stephanie Pope, from Derry, Northern Ireland, shared her emotional story on the singer’s Facebook wall and has since been praised for how “real” and impressively honest she was in the post that’s amassed thousands of likes and shares.

The open letter describes how Pope “connected” with Adele while drunkenly singing along to the hit song “Someone Like You”, shortly before breaking up with her fiancé. 

Pope’s incredibly honest letter. [Photo: Facebook/Adele]

Explaining how she returned home after going on a “f**k you and your secret love child” bender with her friends, Pope reveals she trailed dog poo into her house, vommed in the kitchen bin while simultaneously peeing her pants before pressing play on a recorded performance of Adele singing at the Brits.

She continues to explain that in that moment, where her life was in tatters, she felt at one with the singer. “I didn’t give a s**t, I was p****d, I was a woman, with feelings and a heart and I deserved better,” she wrote. “All I needed was me and you, because you understood.”

Pope concludes her story, explaining that she’s now married to “the man of her dreams” who helped her heal – just like Adele did.

Seriously, Adele’s power is pretty impressive.

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