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Almond milk: Many slim starlets, like Gwyneth Paltrow, have talked about cutting dairy out of their diets when they are trying to be healthier. But, Andrea Miller, a registered dietitian based in Whitby, Ont., and a spokesperson for Dietitians of Canada, says not only is it perfectly healthy for most people to consume cow’s milk, many of the milk alternatives are not healthy alternatives. She says packaged almond milk, the alterna-milk du jour, in particular, often has added sugars. Plus, unless it’s fortified, almond milk is not a good source of protein, calcium or vitamin D, she points out. 

8 ‘healthy’ foods and drinks that are actually bad for you

Trying to drop a few pounds to fit in to that little sparkly little number you plan on wearing to the office holiday party? These foods and drinks may seem healthy, but might be stopping you from finally dropping that last little bit of weight before holiday party season goes into full swing. 

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