Why To Wear A Glitter Beard Right Now

There’s no denying the allure of looking like a unicorn’s sharted on your face; it’s sparkly, modern and strong. 

A Glitter beard is the gift that keeps on giving. Wear one this festive season and you’ll find sparkly bits on your scalp in your ears and down your pants right into spring/summer 2016. 

Here are some top tips on maximising this seasons on trend facewear:

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1. Ladies, forget about fancy shoes. Dressing ‘above the table’ this festive season will draw the the focus away from your feet and have you looking radiant all night long.

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2. Substitute breakfast and lunch for a low calorie tongue full of glitter and you’ll be beach body ready by St Swithin’s Day.*

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3. A super full beard of glitter will make your waist look tiny and therefore the focus of your look.

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4. Define your look with a twin. 

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5. The sparkly silhouette of a 12 O’clock shadow is super slimming.

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6. Gold on your face is your new best friend. Très independent.

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7. Accessorising your eyebrows with your beard draws the eye up and away from your hips.

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8. Looking taller means looking slimmer. An all-over beard pattern will slim you out and minimise those hips. 

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9. A carefully placed bicep will make your thigh area look smaller.

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*we don’t recommend eating glitter any time, ever.

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