Gwyneth Paltrow Slammed For Dubious Health Advice On Curing The Flu

The actress is in hot water after seemingly giving out unsafe medical advice. [Photo: Getty]

Gwyneth Paltrow may be a brilliant actress and the founder of a top lifestyle blog, but her health advice is still lacking – and never seems to go down well with genuine experts. Remember the whole vagina-steaming incident?

The 42-year-old is in hot water again after handing our potentially dangerous advice on getting over the flu, announcing to her fans via Instagram last week that all anyone suffering from the common viral infection needs to do is… take a sauna.  

The star uploaded a photo of herself lying on a towel in a sauna, in an effort to flush out the flu.

Although anyone who’s ever had flu will know that you definitely don’t look that good when in the midst of the illness…

“All contagion aside… Going to hit it with heat #fluday5 #infraredsauna #clearlightsauna #iwilltryanythingatthispoint,” Paltrow captioned the pic. [Photo: Instagram/Gwyneth Paltrow]

The snapshot was received mixed reviews, with some of the actress’ fans wishing her well while others slammed her for dishing out misguided medical advice.

Plenty of Instagram users were quick to highlight the dangers of sitting in a hot environment when you need to stay more hydrated than usual when you’re unwell. Basically, it’s not the best advice.

“How the hell will a sauna cure Influenza? You’re meant to stay hydrated whilst suffering, so why would you take a sauna? Go to a doctor if you’re not feeling well, and drink plenty of water and DO NOT TAKE A SAUNA (sic),” wrote Jamie Morritt.

And other fans were just as outraged by the star’s advice. “Get your damn flu shot moron! And stop giving medical and anti-GMO advice. You are not a doctor or a chemist, you are a lousy actress,” wrote Tela Elise Rowland.

And experts have since labelled the advice as “dangerous” with Alexandra Sowa, a medicial practitioner, telling Slate magazine that flu is “not something to treat as a hot topic with trendy med-spa treatment. It’s a serious disease that kills people.”

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that more than 200,000 Americans are hospitalised with complications from influenza every year—and up to a quarter of these patients will die,” she continued.

Bottom line? Probably best to follow the NHS’ advice on treating flu symptoms – not Gwyneth’s.

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