Do You Secretly See Faces In Things?

Have you heard about the chicken nugget shaped like George Washington that sold on ebay for £5,000? Or the decade old cheese toastie said to bear the image of the Virgin Mary which fetched $28,000? How about the chapatti with the image of Jesus Christ which attracted 20,000 Christians to Bangalore where it was baked? 

From animals in clouds to religious icons, if you’ve seen faces or forms where there are none, then you’ve experienced the psychological phenomenon that is pareidolia. 

According to pareidolia is “the imagined perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist, as in considering the moon to have human features”. 

Your wonderful brain is constantly trying to make sense of the world around it and sometimes the results are curiously charming.

Just a pear having a little look to see what’s going on.

Twitter @facesinthings​

Depressed underside of bowl.


Certain death banana cake.

twitter @facesinthings

This alarm clock trying to emotionally blackmail you.

Spongebob square plug.


Evil mop wants to destroy you.

Happy potato lad who doesn’t know about where chips come from.


Just the Shard quietly enjoying a weekday afternoon.


Petrified pepper has lost her mum and dad.

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Depressed toilet attendant.


Angry sofa.

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This chair who loves life no matter who’s butt is sitting on him.

These trousers who need to talk to Frank.


Plank friends.


Holiday blues towel.


Juvenile iron.

Jim Henson rucksack.

“Hey you guys!”


Real life kawaii fruit.

Twitter @facesinthings​ 

Welcome to the pepper show, the pepper show, the pepper show!


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