25 Kids Halloween Costume Ideas (And Not A Ghost In Sight)

Let’s be honest; one of the best thing about having children is dressing them up for Halloween. And whether you’re all for covering your tot in fake blood, guts and gore or want to stick to something a little less creepy, we’ve combed the Internet for the most creative, yet achievable, ideas out there…

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There’s something so fantastic about making your child’s Halloween costume for them - rather than buying it from a shop.

Even the most DIY challenged parents could transform their child into a mummy. [Photo: Pinterest]

How about those eyebrows, Cruella? [Photo: Costume-works.com]

Now that’s our kind of scarecrow. [Photo: Pinterest]

“E.T.” fans; this one’s for you. [Photo: Pinterest]

SO CUTE. [Photo: Pinterest]

How about turning your tot into a teeny tiny Jack Skelllington? [Photo: Pinterest]

Your child may not have a clue who he or she is meant to be in this “Clockwork Orange” inspired get-up, but fans of the hit classic will love it. [Photo: imgur.com]

No Halloween round-up is complete without a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” inspired costume. [Photo: Pinterest]

If Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall in this padded outfit, we dare say he wouldn’t break a thing. [Photo: Pinterest]

Eeeeeek! Those nails! [Photo: Julia Duran via Pinterest]

Baby-turned-Einstein. Winning at life with this costume. [Photo: imgur.com]

This one’s just brilliant. [Photo: anightowlblog.com]

Harry and his three-headed dog look pretty epic here. [Photo: collegehumor.com]

This Bjork inspired outfit is pure genius. And requires virtually zero effort. [Photo: Pinterest]

If you’re a parent of twins, this is a MUST. [Photo: Pinterest]

OK, so you would have to be pretty skilled at sewing to make this wow-factor ensemble, but it’s just incredible. [Photo: Pinterest]

Yikes, who knew children could look so scary?! [Photo: Pinterest]

Another outfit perfect for twins - or siblings. [Photo: Twin Dragonfly Designs]

Because a baby dressed as a pumpkin is probably the cutest thing ever. [Photo: Pinterest]

There’s Wally! [Photo: Repeat Crafter Me]

Wow… if anyone is able to pull this off, please tweet us a pic. [Photo: Pagingfunmums.com]

Why go as Peter Pan when you can go as his shadow? [Photo: Tikkido]

This toy soldier costume is bound to be a hit. [Photo: Wild Ink Press]

Why is it that a child dressed as an old person is just so cute? [Photo: Costumeworks.com]

As are children dressed as rag dolls, for that matter. [Photo: Pinterest]