Inspirational Teen Designs Wheelchair With Built-In Pushchair For Disabled Mum

Kain, road testing his invention. [Photo: University of Detroit Mercy]

Alden Kain, a 16-year-old from Detroit, is a pretty incredible boy.

The innovative teenager has made a wheelchair-bound mother’s dreams of pushing her baby around outside possible, after designing a wheelchair with a pushchair attached.

Kain made the genius creation for new mum Sharina Jones, who lost the use of her legs when she was shot at the age of five. The contraption, which Kain invented in a special design class he was enrolled in, allows Jones to take her baby for a walk outside – something that most parents take for granted and don’t think twice about.

Kain’s invention has made Jones’ life as a paraplegic mum much easier. [Photo: FOX 2]

Kain began developing the apparatus in his class earlier this year, after being tasked with creating a device that would allow a mum in a wheelchair to carry her baby easily, according to the University of Detroit Jesuit High School. Jones was selected as the recipient for the prototype.

“The biggest priority is to make it safe for baby, of course,” the teenager told FOX 2 news. “And then, also, you want to make it independent for the mother.”

“The first iteration was a baby carrier without wheels. After learning that the mother had problems with her wheelchair tipping over, we decided the extra weight was going to be a problem.”

Kain’s invention used lightweight metal tubing that easily clips onto the wheelchair and safely holds the weight of a baby in a car seat.

“By accommodating the car seat, we did not have to design a new one in our project.  This makes for a better product,” said Kane in a statement. “It also saves on the cost.”

After the success of the project, Kain hopes to make his design available to other disabled parents.

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