A List Of The Top 20 Countries To Raise A Family In Has Been Released – And The UK’s Not On There

It is time we all packed up and left for greener pastures? [Photo: Rex]

Prepare yourself for some disappointing news. In a round up of the world’s 20 top countries to raise a family in, the United Kingdom was noticeably absent.

Instead, the UK came in at 22nd place on the full 41-long list – not all that bad when you consider just how many countries there are in the world, but equally not that reassuring.

While the British government has tried to initiate various childcare schemes in the past few years and the quality of free education is very good here, it still remains a very expensive country to raise a family in – and many working parents struggle to juggle their career and home life.

The winning country was Austria, labeled as the best country for families because of a combination of children’s health and safety, children’s general wellbeing, a wide range of leisure activities for kids and family life in general.

In Austria, companies provide parental leave following the birth of a child plus a “kindergeld” – a monthly allowance for childcare expenses until the child turns 18. So you can see why it’s such an attractive place for families to live.

Austria was voted as the best place to raise a family. [Photo: Rex]

Finland ranked second and also topped a sub-category in the poll thanks to its quality of education. The European country has one of the lowest child poverty rates in the EU, while the female employment rate is among the highest – mainly thanks to the brilliant childcare system in place. Access to public day care is guaranteed to all children under the age of seven and generous parental leave is provided to help parents raise their kids while continuing to work.

Sweden, which is often described as a family paradise, came in third place. Like Finland, it boasts inexpensive childcare and plenty of parental leave. While the Nordic country is generally perceived as being a pricey place to live, a study by Numbeo, a crowdsourced global database of reported consumer prices, found that it’s actually far cheaper than many other EU countries - including England and France.

Israel was revealed as the fourth best place to raise a family, followed in fifth place by New Zealand. Sixth place went to Singapore, seventh to Germany, eighth to France, ninth to Australia and 10th to Luxembourg.

The 2015 Family Life Index poll, published by InterNations, compiled their data after asking expat parents to rate the country they moved to in terms of the quality, cost and availability of childcare and education.

You can see the full list below…

1. Austria
2. Finland
3. Sweden
4. Israel
5. New Zealand
6. Singapore
7. Germany
8. France
9. Australia
10. Luxembourg
11. Denmark
12. Spain
13. Poland
14. Philippines
15. Mexico
16. Canada
17. Norway
18. South Africa
19. Bahrain
20. Costa Rica

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