Beach Hacks: Tricks For Keeping Skin And Hair In Top Condition

Summer holidays, sunny days and sandy beaches are all we look forward to in the winter months, but after one too many sand rashes and crispy, frazzled hair to boot, it is easy to become disillusioned.

Once you’ve gone all the usual routes to prep your skin, hair and nails to hit the beach, make sure you follow our easy beach hacks to make the most of your beauty and style the whole holiday through.

Smoothly does it

Enjoy smooth, soft legs on the beach with this easy shaving trick!

Simply shave your legs with baby oil in the shower to make sure your skin is perfectly moisturised and you’re avoiding irritation at the same time.

Sandy Lane

Another baby product, another hack.

After a frolick on the beach, remove the sand from your skin and avoid dousing your entire car/hotel room/villa with the pesky grains of sand with the simplest trick of all. Sprinkle some good ol’ baby powder all over your dry skin and watch the sand easily rub off your skin.

We love this hack! It makes sandy feet and arms an irritating problem of the past!

Ice, ice baby

Before you hit the beach, pop some aloe vera into ice cube trays. After a long day in the sun and sea,  come home and give your skin the cooling and quenching treatment it deserves simply by icing your skin after a lovely cool shower.

Tea time

To prevent irritation due to sunburn or friction, prepare some chamomile tea bags and let them cool.

You can then place the cooled tea bags on any areas of irritation and use the chamomile tea to rinse your hair with, leaving it soft and shiny!

Apple of my eye

Apple cider vinegar has some amazing properties and one of them is its ability to protect hair from sun sea and sand damage - mix some coconut oil with apple cider vinegar and pop it into a spritzer. Apply to hair liberally throughout the day and see your hair looking happy not haphazard on the beach and at the end of the day!

Eat the rainbow


To keep your skin in top condition during sun exposure, be sure to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables that contain beta carotene such as carrots, sweet potatoes, papaya and spinach. Also super helpful are tomatoes which contain lycopene, which can help protect skin from sunburn from the inside by up to 30 per cent!

Sun protection is a must!

Keeping you effortlessly stylish is the aim of these beach hacks, but never forget that wearing sun protection of at least SPF 30 all over your body and face, wearing a wide brimmed hat during the hottest hours and keeping very well hydrated with water are the most important factors in keeping you healthy, happy and therefore beautiful on your beach holiday!

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[All Images: REX FEATURES]