18 Of The Chocolatiest Chocolate Cakes You’ll Ever Lay Eyes On

Remember that beast of a chocolate cake that Mrs Trunchbull made Bruce Bogtrotter eat in ‘Matilda’? Well, it’s got nothing on these beauts.

Some are sky-high, some are dripping in ganache and some are topped with more sweet treats, but all of these bakes are 100 per cent chocolate. Well, apart from the flour, sugar, eggs and butter included.

Get ready to drool.

Three tiers of utter milk chocolate perfection. Just glorious.

Any cake covered in a combination of milk and white chocolate as well as Maltesers is fine by us.

Perfect for a summer wedding, this chocolate sponge cake won’t melt as quickly as a bake covered in icing and looks amazing.

OK, now these are seriously cool. Any volunteers to make and send us one?

Oh wow. This really does rival Bruce Bogtrotter’s cake. Except it’s better because it has Ferrero Rocher’s on it. YUM.

This looks like it literally has bars of Dairy Milk covering it. Dear sweet God.

The childhood birthday party cake that’s still got serious game. It’s basically the classic Colin the Caterpillar cake.

Piped roses, Terry’s Chocolate Orange pieces, chocolate fingers AND Maltesers… whatever did a person do to deserve this dreamy delight?

Does anyone know how to make chocolate fans? Because we want to bake this, pronto.


Is it against the rules to include a cake that’s not 100 per cent chocolate? We couldn’t resist showing off this beauty.

It looks like even the floral design on this chocolatey bake is edible. Nom nom.

This is sure to make white chocolate fans drool. And how effective do those chocolate shavings look?

Whoever said you can’t mix different types of chocolate? We reckon the more variety, the better.

This cake boasts peanut butter AND popcorn. Talk about perfection.

Chocolate lovers, if this isn’t the cake for you then we don’t know what is.

Another three-tiered delight to prove our point about mixing chocolate types.

We would most certainly like to blow out the candles on this cake.